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It’s National Walking Month

By David Saunders, Health Editor | UPDATED: 08:28, 08 July 2020

Lace up your shoes, it’s National Walking Month! Ditch your usual mode of transport whether that’s the bus, train or car and reach your destination by foot instead. Not only will this help the environment and reduce congestion but it’ll also encourage healthier behaviours for both yourself and your loved ones.

It’ll give the kids time to burn off some of that hyper energy on the school run and it’s also the cheapest gym membership that you could ever ask for – Win Win! Our experts are here to help encourage you to get you up and moving…

Mindfulness on the go

Everyone deserves a little me time. Taking charge of yourself and saying ok it’s time to think about number one, is essential for your health – it can help lower stress, improve productivity and can help provide that much needed burst of energy.

Swapping your hectic commute on the train for a longer walk, is not only the perfect you time, but it’s also the perfect time to be mindful.

So pop your headphones in and try out the brand new online mindfulness toolkit, ThinkWell LiveWell. Experienced therapist and former advertising psychologist, Mick Cassell, has created a website that combines a variety of alternative mindfulness-based therapies, an approach which is not being met by the mindfulness apps currently in the marketplace.

Mick hopes his ThinkWell-LiveWell personalised toolkit for practical people will offer greater insight and support to help with aspects such as anxiety, stress, sleep and weight control.

Look after your body

“I haven’t got time to walk”, “I don’t want to put any pressure on my joints” – stop with the excuses! Firstly, Make time and secondly, brittle bones and joint pains don’t have to accompany the ageing process, menopause transition and it certainly doesn’t have to be an aftermath of exercise.

Nutrition and exercise are the key ingredients to living a long and pain-free life. Now your choices have been made much easier with sense* for Joint & Bone (from £6.99, Boots), a natural food supplement with very high levels of quality vitamins, minerals and organic botanicals in every serving.

“It’s important to be realistic. There are times when it just isn’t possible to live the Instagram life, and that’s okay. Think of ways to cut corners and be time effective without missing out.

Nutrient dense powders that can be added to smoothies are a great idea. Whether it’s a fractured bone, torn cartilage or sensitive joints, sense* for joint and bone provides the combination of nutrients designed to help your body restore and repair.

Connective tissues including tendons and ligaments which connect muscles to bones provide support and structure throughout the body and are prone to injury and inflammation. Vitamin C helps acts as an antioxidant helping reduce inflammation, muscle and joint pain and stiffness, while zinc promotes repair of connective tissue,” explains Nutritionist Amanda Hamilton, working in association with sense* (

“I work in an office, I don’t have the time to go for a walk”

A phrase that many of us hear and are guilty of using. London’s leading nutritionist Lily Soutter (, who specialises in workplace wellness, explains the benefits of both sit-stand workstations and what we all want to hear more about this month in particular, walking meetings.

“Ever felt sluggish and tired at your desk? It could be down to your sedentary lifestyle. Office workers spend 70-85% of their time sitting at work meaning that they are currently one of the most sedentary populations. Even when adults meet the physical activity guidelines, sitting for prolonged and unbroken periods of time has been associated with an increased risk of heart disease, diabetes and even weight gain.”

“Research published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) found that sit-stand workstations could improve markers of health and even boost work performance. These height adjustable stations where implemented in the trial which involved 146 NHS staff. Over a 12 month period, results showed an improvement in job performance, work engagement, occupational fatigue, presenteeism, daily anxiety and quality of life. As well as encouraging employees to stand, walking meetings are another great way of encouraging activity, whilst the exercise and fresh air may increase creativity and concentration.”