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Mushroom Infused Products Are The Latest Trend!

By David Saunders, Health Editor | UPDATED: 08:28, 26 June 2020

Wellness trends like oat milk and CBD have hit the mainstream, and mushroom mixed products are on the rise. According to a Pinterest study released at the start of 2019, superfood powders have had a 144% year-over-year spike in searches on the 250-million-user-strong social media site, and interest in nutrient-packed mushrooms, in particular, is up 46%.

Medicinal mushrooms also referred to as superfoods and adaptogens, which do not get you high, have long been used in Chinese medicines.

With the colder months approaching and our Vitamin D levels set to drop lets look at mushroom infused vitamin D products and what we should be opting for according to Nutritionist at Natures Plus, Martina Della Vedova (…

Why is it important to take a Vitamin D3 supplement over a Vitamin D supplement?

“Vitamin D3 is the active form of vitamin D. The sun enables us to covert D2 form (ergocalciferol) into D3 form (cholecalciferol) thanks to its potent UV rays. Most supplements offer vitamin D3 but some still don’t, so read the labels carefully.”

Why is it important to take a vitamin D3 supplement now the cold months are approaching?

“Vitamin D3 is a very crucial nutrient when it comes to immune strength. It is scientifically shown that vitamin D3 supports a normal and healthy immune system. As the cold months approach a strong immune system would protect us from viruses and microbes that can invade our systems, especially in the delicate changing season time, when our bodies need to adapt to the new weather conditions and light hours.”

“In northern countries the sun exposure is still low compared to central or southern countries and this compromises our sun loading sessions in all seasons. Vitamin D3 plays an important role also in relation to our mood: numerous scientific studies are exploring this connection.”

“If the northern summer hasn’t been glorious the autumn and winter are not going to make up for it. Making sure we have the correct intake of vitamin D3 will ensure strong health during the winter months.”

“People with dark skin complexions living in northern countries will need a more consistent or sometimes higher supplementation: darker complexions are better at protecting the skin from UVs and for this same reason will convert less efficiently D2 into D3. Speak with your health practitioner about it if you are unsure.”

“Natures Plus offers different doses and sizes of vitamin D3 products. Visit your health food store and ask for them.”

From a nutritionist’s perspective would you choose a plant-sourced option and if so why?

“I tend to suggest supplements that are food derived where possible. The natural forms and mixtures of nutrients found in foods is unbeatable: what nature has put together for us is not repeatable.”

“By choosing nutrients that come from food we get all the goodness that nature has put together and the wanted effects.”

“Choosing organic is equally crucial: not only are you are ensuring the sources are clean, but also that the procedures used to make the products are compliant.”

“Natures Plus offers Source of Life Garden, including Vitamin D3 (£13.85, – this range of organic products are made from 100% organic food, free from all FALCPA allergens, gluten free, yeast free, vegan and sustainable. ”

What added benefits do the variety or organic, healthy mushrooms offer?

“Medicinal mushrooms are very potent herbs. They are a hot topic currently in health food stores. They have been used for centuries in the far east cultures for diverse medicinal purposes. Natures Plus chose to add these great herbs to improve and boost the effects of each formula, favouring a synergistic effect among foods and mushrooms.”

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