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A World First, MOMMWorld Will Be The First Ever Mass Meditation To Be Measured

By Brad Shaw, Fitness Editor | UPDATED: 08:28, 08 July 2020

MOMM (Moments of Mass Mindfulness) a global meditation movement, is building a community focused on peace, connection, collaboration to enhance personal wellbeing. Founded by Sue Cooper and Irfan Sohail, MOMM will be hosting a global mass meditation using a heart-based technique, and everyone is invited to participate in spreading peace.

Taking place in the UK and worldwide on Sunday 12 May 2019, 3pm – 4pm BST, ahead of Mental Awareness Week, and World Meditation Day.

As a world first, MOMM will be the first ever mass meditation to be measured. In partnership with the HeartMath Institute who is providing their new Global Coherence app to all participants for free to download on Android and iOS devices.

This interactive app is key to quantifying the number of people taking part in 100 plus locations across 30 countries. Additionally, hundreds of HeartMath Inner Balance owners across the world will be using their Inner Balance biofeedback sensors during the MOMM meditations to measure the collective power, and heart energy participants will generate.

‘The MOMM collaboration with the HeartMath Institute is the perfect fit for us. The use of HeartMath technology to measure social and group coherence at this scale, across such a diverse range of countries and communities is an incredible opportunity, and beyond exciting as a world first,” said Irfan Sohail (Co-founder MOMM).


Sue Cooper (Co-founder MOMM) said, “We are witnessing daily momentum as the networks of participants sign up to spread their inspiration for positive change globally.”

Originating in the UK, MOMM has transformed into a truly a global affair with participation in locations as diverse as Argentina, Hawaii, Pakistan, Israel, Brasil, Costa Rica, Canada, New Zealand, USA, Australia, and is growing daily.

Participation ranges from individuals meditating at home, to intimate private gatherings, to more significant public events with thousands of people gathering in a wide range of venues such as community centres, church halls, yoga studios, tropical beaches, cafes, woodland and green spaces.

MOMM was inspired by the 1993 Washington DC experiment that saw thousands of participants use meditation to bring about more peace. Its vision is to use mindfulness as a strategy for directing oneself away from self-incriminating thoughts and limiting beliefs.

Mindfulness is a meditative practice of paying attention to your body, mind, and surroundings in a non-judgmental manner. Mindfulness and meditation are recommended as a treatment for people with mental ill-health.

Recommended by NICE as a preventative practice for people with experience of recurrent depression, as well as those who want to improve their mental health and wellbeing.

Numerous studies are showing compelling support for Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), which helps people to cope with stress, and for Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), which is designed to help people with recurring depression. There is little doubt that its use is an effective intervention and prevention techniques.

Conversations and collaborations are springing up through a new paradigm of self-care and lifestyle medicine, which combines objective knowledge and subjective experiential practices. These practices, towards balance and coherence, energise and rejuvenate both mind and body. Meditation, mindfulness, indeed all contemplative practices serve to calm the nervous system, activating the body’s own natural healing system, aided by health-improving behaviours of better nutrition, exercise, stress reduction and a good night’s sleep.

Getting involved is easy:

  1. Organise your own MOMM gathering with just you or a group of friends and family, in your space or a local venue.

  2. Download the Global Coherence APP and join the MOMM group –

  3. If you own a HeartMath Inner Balance sensor, you can use it to take part in the coherence experiment, but it’s not essential.

For more information on Moments of Mass Mindfulness –