Meet the makeup product men are going crazy for


Over the past decade the men’s beauty market has exploded, rising from a non-entity to a multi-million pound industry. There has also been a recent spike in the number of products that men are including in their quickly-evolving routines. 

A recent study by GQ magazine revealed that a staggering 53% of men between the ages of 16 and 24 have added a new product to their beauty regime in the past six months.

There is one product in particular that appears to be stealing the show - MMUK MAN’s BB Cream. This multi-action blemish balm (BB) has seen a sales increase of 63% this year, compared to 2017 and also picked up a gong at last month’s prestigious Pure Beauty Awards, held at the Savoy in London.

“Aside from being absolutely delighted with our award, it’s also fantastic that men’s makeup as a beauty category, is slowly but surely emerging within a booming male grooming market’ MMUK MAN founder Alex Dalley said. ‘I believe the rise in the popularity of our BB Cream is down to more men being interested in cosmetic products, but keen to wear something that is totally undetectable and easy to apply,” he added.

A winner in Pure Beauty’s newly formed ‘Best New Men’s Makeup Category,’ it’s a great coup for the brand who launched back in 2011.

Recording sales of £62,000 in their first year of trading, it was an impressive return for the small start-up based in Brighton. With sales in 2019 expected to topple £2million, makeup for men is a segment of the buzzing men’s grooming market that looks certain to be sticking around.

This multi-functional cream ads a hint of healthy colour to men’s complexions, whilst correcting any inconsistencies in skin tone in the process. With anti-redness and anti-ageing benefits too, it’s easy to see why sales of this bathroom warrior have rocketed to over 17,000 units this year alone, despite it’s above average market price of £30.00. With the average female BB cream costing just £11.00, it shows a clear intent for cosmetically hungry gentlemen to pay more, in order to put their best face forward.

Youtube sensation Nathan Wheeler, who runs his own channel dedicated to male beauty had this to say. “I’m not at all surprised with the huge popularity of MMUK MAN’s BB Cream. I use it every single day and it’s one of my go-to products. I believe it’s incredibly popular because every guy, regardless of his experience with makeup for men can get to grips with it. The modern man lives a busy and hectic lifestyle and if there’s one product he can apply to quickly correct and protect his skin, it’s undoubtedly this blemish balm.”

Age Defence – MMUK MAN’s BB cream for men offers superior daily skin protection, blocking environmental debris, toxins and impurities from entering the skin. The result? Read between the blurred lines of men’s anti-aging with superior age defence technology present in this master cream and simply look younger for longer. Prevent darkening, sagging and fatigue with a firming product which improves elasticity and overall tone.

Inbuilt Tint – Re-energize dense pore zones with a completely masculine hint of colour to achieve a more radiant and healthier finish. Such radiant coverage is coupled with moisturising and hydrating elements to improve your skin’s surface and actively tackle common facial imperfections and dry skin.

Brightening Enzymes – Brightening catalysts further add radiance and a healthy matte glow to the skin and form millions of microscopic light diffusing shields on the skin’s surface to refract light and minimise the appearance of rough and damaged skin.

Sebum Controlling – Oil absorbing particles combine to create an anti-shine finish and a non-glow surface, characteristics present in many less superior men’s makeup products.

Whitening molecules – Such molecules re-plump stress lines, wrinkles and fine lines on men, creating the appearance of a younger and revitalized complexion. Give your anti-aging regime a real kick start or start off as you mean to go on if you are a younger guy worried about the effects of aging.