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6 Ways to Make Your Workout Routine More Green

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If you are concerned about the environment, you’ll want to do what you can so that your workout is as green as it can be. There are many simple ways to do that – read on to find out how!

1. Take it outdoors

There are many benefits to outdoor workouts. We tend to work out longer and more effectively with the distraction that the beautiful outdoors provides. We get more oxygen, too, when we exercise outside. 

Besides, working out has the obvious environmental benefits of no machines to plug in, no heating required – just you and your gear.

If you want to improve your strength, there’s no need for heavy weights. Pop some resistance bands (like these from in your bag.

Resistance bands enable you to build muscle just as effectively as if you were lifting barbells.

If you’re a cardio fan, take your cardio workout to your local park rather than powering up a treadmill. The fresh air does you good, and the scenery is much more enjoyable!

Best of all, perhaps, when you exercise outside, there’s no gym membership required 🙂

2. Get a reusable water bottle

There are literally billions of plastic water bottles thrown away each year in just the UK and the USA alone.

Get a reusable water bottle to fill up wherever you are and take with you. Having your water bottle always with you makes it healthier and easier for you to keep hydrated. The planet will thank you, too.

And if you’re a coffee drinker, get yourself a reusable coffee mug while you’re at it!

3. Update your wardrobe

Do you collect the latest gym fashions? If so, you might want to have a clear out of what you don’t use. Recycle or donate to charity those older clothes that you no longer wear.

Even sneakers can be recycled effectively. Some sports brands have recycling programs specifically for old sneakers and other footwear.

When going for new gear, invest in environmentally-friendly fabrics, such as bamboo or hemp. Hemp actually replenishes the soil that it grows in rather than wearing it out – how’s that for a positive environmental impact?

4. When at the gym, choose consciously

Sometimes there is no other option than to go to the gym. There are ways that your workout can still be green, depending on your choices.

Try and use equipment that doesn’t require electricity. For example, run on the track rather than on a treadmill. If you have to use a treadmill, try inclining it so that it uses less electricity.

Look in your local area for eco-friendly gyms. More and more gyms are incorporating machines that don’t rely on electricity. There are now machines that will generate energy from the energy that you use while you work out.

If your local gym isn’t eco-friendly quite yet, see if you can encourage them to take some steps in that direction. Check that they have recycling bins. See what the policy is on towel usage and check if there’s a way for staff to encourage patrons to limit their towel usage. 

5. Consider how you travel

How do you get to the gym? If you drive, now might be the time to consider cycling. Cycling is an excellent way to warm up before doing other forms of exercise, so you can arrive at the gym ready to work out.

You could also try carpooling to the gym with a friend or neighbor. Having a workout buddy will inspire you to stick to your fitness routine and save money on gas, and it’s more enjoyable too. You can support each other while you have fun.

6. Find new opportunities to exercise

Try to work in a lunchtime walk or bike ride. Or approach house or yard work with energy – gardening or cleaning can burn calories if done with lots of elbow grease!

And of course, there are the old standards of taking the stairs, getting off the bus or subway a few stops earlier and walking the rest of the way, or walking with a friend or family member after dinner.

See if there’s a local sports club in your neighborhood, such as a soccer or volleyball team, a running club, or something else. You can find more fun ways to get exercise into your week and make new local friends at the same time!

Have fun finding new opportunities to exercise. Make it a game: how many new ways can you come up with to get a workout into your day in unexpected ways?

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