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Making Weight Loss Work For You

Losing Belly Weight

The promise of a new year typically ensues the idea of weight loss. Whether you want to shift a few pounds or are keen to kick start your health journey our nutritionists can help!

Check out their top tips for ways to make weight loss work for you, in the New Year and beyond.

Read The Labels

Do you choose the ‘gluten-free,’ ‘sugar-free’ or ‘low fat,’ option in the hope that it can help shift those stubborn pounds?

Unfortunately, that’s exactly what could be increasing our fat around the middle.

“If a food or drink is described as ‘low sugar’, ‘slim line’ or ‘diet’, it will usually contain an artificial sweetener.

These sweeteners have been linked to mood swings and depression, and it has been found that people who regularly use artificial sweeteners tend to gain weight because they can slow down the digestive process and increase appetite,” explains Dr. Marilyn Glenville.

Protein Is Key

If your diet is lacking in protein then you may be more inclined to go back for seconds. “Including protein in your meal helps to slow down digestion, leaving you feeling more satisfied and fuller for longer.

In turn, this can help with weight loss, as you’re less likely to have as many calories. To ensure you’re getting your daily dose of protein, try a plant-based protein powder.

They are easy to digest and can be kept low-calorie. They can be used to make smoothies or shakes, and also added to savory foods such as stews and soups.

 Switch The Morning Coffee

We’re not going to tell you to ditch the caffeine altogether, but making the switch from your morning latte to a cup of hot water and lemon can help to activate your digestive system for the day ahead.

Alix explains, “I switch to a healthier morning habit of having a mug of warm water and lemon. Lemons are alkalising and water is detoxifying, which is essential to hydrate all our cells.

The lemons mixed with the warm temperature of the water act as a digestive aid and help the body to eliminate toxins.”

Alter Your Meal Deal

Most of us opt for a meal deal at some point during the week, they’re quick, easy and cost-effective- so why wouldn’t you!

However, not all meal deals are created equal and making healthier swaps is a simple way to implement a healthier lunch habit at work. London’s leading nutritionist Lily Soutter shares what she would choose from the (iconic) Boots meal deal.

“For the Main I would go for the Deli Egg & Avocado, this is a good source of vegetarian protein (22g) and even fibre (8g).

It can be hard to find grab-and-go sandwiches that contain adequate amounts of these two macronutrients.

This sandwich is also low in saturated fat, yet the avocado provides a good dose of heart-healthy monounsaturated fats.

For the snack part of the meal deal, I would choose Quinoa waves, per portion these quinoa waves are in lower calories in comparison to regular crisps. 

Drinkwise, I would choose the Multi Vit Apple & Elderflower, extremely low in calories with only 5 kcal and 0.1g sugar per serving – this drink choice would be a good option in comparison to high sugar beverages and can play a positive role on dental health but also our waistline.”

Lily continues, “This is meal deal is definitely my top choice. The combo provides a moderate amount of calories 460 kcal, a good dose of protein 22.8g as well as fibre 8.32g and lastly a low sugar 3.6g and salt 1.6g content.

Both protein and especially fibre promote satiety, decreases hunger and thus help provide a feeling of fullness.

Both these aspects are key role in portion control and keeping energy stable all afternoon long.”

Have A Workout Buddy

Sometimes the thought of spending your precious lunch break at the gym is enough to put you off for life.

Sadly, with office culture being so immobile, squeezing in a lunchtime workout can really boost your health.

“Grab your colleague and go to a fitness class on your lunch break- having a workout buddy or a fitness class that you love, so that exercising isn’t thought of as a chore.

Exercising on your own, whether it’s working out in the gym or going for a run, can be a joyless experience.

But exercising with others in a class can be motivating and much more fun, especially if there’s great music too,” recommends Nutritionist and Fitness Instructor Cassandra Barns.

Incorporate A Probiotic  

The first ever probiotic to offer weight loss benefits alongside acknowledged value to health, ShapeLine (RRP £29.95, from Pro-Ven Probiotics, the first human microflora product shown to support a ‘shapelier you’ with vitamin C, D and zinc to support immunity.

Lower Your Stress Levels

Do you struggle to control your stress levels? This can have an impact on your waistline.

“After a stressful event cortisol levels in the blood often remain high for a while, effectively increasing your appetite because your body thinks you should refuel after all this fighting or fleeing.

This means people under constant stress quite often feel constantly hungry. Worse, their body urges them to stock up on the foods it thinks will be most useful after all that ‘activity’ – carbohydrates (like sugar) and fats,” says Marilyn.

Don’t Eat On The Run

“It gives your body the message that time is scarce, you are under pressure and stressed.

Furthermore, your digestive system will be less efficient. Make a point of sitting down and eating your food as calmly as possible,” says Marilyn.

Keep Learning

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