Live Well London announces 3 day wellness programme


A 3 day celebration of wellness, nutrition, emotional and physical wellbeing across talks, workshops and experiences to inspire and motivate everyone seeking their own ‘Live Well’.

Visitors will be uplifted, informed and put through their paces by Live Well London’s leading voices and faces across a celebratory weekend of wellness! A stellar line up of more than 70 speakers, including Celebrity Trainers, Entrepreneurs, Doctors, Nutritionists, Business Founders and Coaches, who are all credible experts and respected practitioners in their fields and will be contributing to this inspirational agenda.


Wellness is as individual as your fingertips, and Live Well London’s mission is to help everyone make better, more well-informed lifestyle choices. Taking place in just 7 weeks time, and with a different line-up every day – now’s the time to set your own Live Well agenda and discover what works for you:

  1. Live Cooking & Nutrition Theatre – chat to celebrity chefs and nutritionists about the effect of food on your health – and be inspired by some delicious recipes! Join Liz Earle MBE, Dale Pinnock; The Medicinal Chef, Dr Megan Rossi; The Gut Health Doctor, and The Gut Stuff and many more…

  2. The Retreat – pick a taster session of meditation, mindfulness, breathing, reiki or body confidence techniques as well as mantra, dream and perfume workshops. Meet with inspirational speakers such as Richie Bostock; The Breath Guy, Richie Norton; The Strength Temple, Michael James Wong and Sophrologist & Wellness Expert Dominique Antiglio to name a few…

  3. Move It! – take part in a session of Vinyasa Flow Yoga or get your heart rate up with The Model Method, a unique blend of HIIT and Pilates, HIIT the Core with Melissa Power, LIFTED with Laura Hoggins, aka ‘Biceps’, or Define Barre with Ashley Verma. However you get moving, it’s up to you!

  4. The Knowledge Hub fuelled by INNERMOST is where you’ll find all the ideas you need to supercharge your self-esteem, reset your view on life and leave you empowered and excited about the future. With Wellness Talks on Friday 1st March dedicated to tailored industry content for wellness businesses and corporates, followed by two lifestyle focussed days of interactive talks from leading experts that will dispel the myths! Matt Roberts, Kristina Karlsson, Founder of kikki k, Niraj Shah of Mind:Unlocked, Chloe Brotheridge; Anxiety Expert, Persia Lawson; Relationship and Love Guru, and many more will provide the tools and techniques to help you make your own informed choices…

  5. Get the Boutique Studio experience and take your group exercise to another level! Join Barre Studio by DEFINE, The Foundry, Kobox and One LDN in classes you know and love or try something new, this is the place to be to discover what suits you and your body best – book up to three sessions included in the price of your ticket.

  6. Plus a shopping village filled with top curated brands for you to browse, test and buy across the health, nutrition, fitness and wellbeing industry.

Live Well London takes place 1 – 3 March 2019 at Old Billingsgate, with tickets on sale now from £35 (includes everything…no extras!)

Live Cooking & Nutrition Theatre, sponsored by Mindful Chef

Discover which nutritional choices are best for your health and wellness. Live Well’s qualified nutritionists and celebrity chefs know that everyone has different needs – especially when it comes to nourishment. Their considered, down to earth, informative talks and demonstrations will help you sort food fact from food fiction and inspire you to make the best and informed food choices for you:

  • ‘Fuel your Mood as well as your Body’ with Liz Earle MBE and Dale Pinnock; The Medicinal Chef

  • Consider ‘Why Being Healthy is About so Much More Than Just Your Shape’ with panel Amy Rushworth, Rachel Evans of Healthy & Psyched, Laura Phelan of Phelan Well and nutritionist Clarissa Lenherr

  • Angelique Panagos, Registered Nutritional Therapist, talks all things hormonal health and how modern life could be affecting your hormone balance

  • Dr Megan Rossi, The Gut Health Doctor, explains the importance of good Gut Health in disease prevention as well as general wellbeing

  • Sustainable Chef Alexandra Dudley takes the ‘waste not want not’ approach with her ‘Zero Waste Dishes Fit for a Dinner Party’

  • The Gut Stuff join us for a session to answer all your Gut Health questions

  • Lizzie Loves Healthy shows us how to take the right approach in ‘Healthy Eating for Families’

  • Discover Quick & Healthy Dishes – gluten free and plant based - with Healthy Living James and Amy Rushworth of Wellness with Amy

Live Cooking Demos with Sponsor The Mindful Chef - Take a seat and give your taste buds a treat! The healthy, delicious recipe box company, supported by Sir Andy Murray and Victoria Pendleton CBE, specialise in recipes for quick healthy meals that are low in reduced sugars and refined carbs but high on taste.

The Retreat

This intimate and serene space provides the perfect backdrop for Live Well’s expert led wellness workshops. Taster sessions covering meditation, mindfulness, breathing, reiki as well as mantra, dream and perfume workshops. All will take you on a personal journey and help you choose positive wellness paths for the year ahead as well as acquire a deeper understanding of these practices. No need to book ahead, but do turn up early to ensure a place.

  • Suzy Nightingale of the award-winning Perfume Society, shares secret techniques taught by perfumers in her workshop ‘How To Improve Your Sense of Smell’, opening up the world of fragrance and allowing everyone to revel in the extraordinary benefits this ‘super-power’ brings.

  • Richie Norton, Strength Temple, will take you on a journey to reconnect with your body and mind, building strength and control both physically and mentally through breathing techniques, yoga and capoeira inspired movement and mobilisation practices.

  • Richie Bostock, The Breath Guy, guides us through ‘Breathwork - The Simple Science to your State of Mind’. A lesson in how correct breathing improves both physical and mental health with easily learnt breath techniques that change your mental state instantly.

  • In his ‘Breathwork Class: Breathe to Bliss’ Richie will lead you through a series of breathing flows that will turn down the volume of your thoughts in a way like you’ve never experienced and leave you on a natural high with a sense of peace, clarity and blissful energy.

  • ‘Find Your Mantra Workshop’ with Jo Stroud, founder of inspirational jewellery brand, Mantra Jewellery. Jo is a firm believer in the power of words to inspire and motivate and will lead interactive exercises to compose your own individual mantras.

  • Transformational Life Counsellor Nicky Clinch invites you to empower yourself and find ‘Your Warrior Woman: Presence, Connection and Self-Awareness’

  • Laura Phelan knows first-hand the devastating effects of eating disorders. Now an Eating Disorder Specialist and an Ambassador for B-eat, her workshop encourages participants to develop a healthy relationship with food and body image.

  • ‘Relax in Sound with the Gong’ is a sound meditation workshop, a deeply relaxing and revitalising experience for both mind and body. You are in safe hands with Selmer Studer, Founder of GONG, and will leave with a renewed sense of calm, clarity and vigour

  • Michael Miller, London Meditation Centre, explores ‘The Essence of Meditation’ guiding you through the most important principles of a meditation practice — ease and effortlessness.

  • Join Jasmin Harsono of Emerald x Tiger for a rejuvenating and warmingenergy healing meditation with vibrations of Reiki and Sound. Together they will open up your intuition and deliver peace and calm.

  • Natalie Morrison is a modern Mindfulness and Meditation Coach for Mind:Unlocked. She believes in using space to breathe, with practical tools and an understanding of the science behind them. Her guided 45 minute meditation session will illustrate how meditative practices can help when stress and anxiety flare up and how to implement these into your life.

  • ‘Relax and Reset with Sophrology’ – a blend of Eastern practices with Western science – this technique is a structured, step-by step-method to helpovercome stress and achieve calm with Sophrologist and Wellness Expert Dominique Antiglio.

  • Join the educational consultants from charity MindUP™ for their ‘Enhancing mental health and wellbeing for children and families’ interactive workshop. Valuable content with neuroscience roots includes mindful awareness techniques for you and your family to build your ability to be present and to incorporate these practices into daily routines.
    "71% of children show an increase in prosocial behaviours and 82% of children learn to make themselves happy through MindUP™:

  • Join Michael James Wong, founder of Just Breathe, for a mass meditationaccompanied by live music. Dive into the stillness and close your Live Well London day with a mindful moment that brings our wellness community together.

Move It!

Live Well London invites visitors to try for themselves an extensive choice of new health, fitness and wellbeing techniques. Top trainers, fitness experts, experienced Yogi’s and wellness experts will take centre stage on the ‘MOVE IT’ Stage. Whether it be slow and effective or high energy HIIT, choose which taster sessions to trial and discover what works for you. (Classes will vary for mixed abilities.)


  • Confidence-building yoga with Nicolette Wilson-Clark, designed to encourage self-trust and self-belief. You'll walk away feeling energised and ready to conquer all your life quests.

  • Vinyasa flow with Sarah Malcom, strong yet soft and playful with an emphasis on the importance of moving with breath and intention.

  • Yoga for All with Boys for Yoga, smashing the stereotypes as you move, breathe and flow in a fun-filled class.

  • Groove Om Yoga with Pip Taverner of Tonic Retreat, brings glitter and sparkle to the yoga scene. Fusing the uplifting power of Deep & Disco House music with a dynamic yoga sequence, this is your chance to stretch collectively with a vibrant Vinyasa flow class combined with uplifting live DJ mixes and atmospheric lighting.

  • Boutique Studio One LDN will help you create a steady internal rhythm with their Vinyasa Flow Yoga sessions as part of their daily studio sessions.


  • Dynamic, full body Pilates workout with Holly Grant, focussing on improving your posture, strengthening the core and reducing muscle imbalances.

  • The Model Method, a unique combination of Pilates and HIIT to help boost your metabolism, reduce levels of visceral fat, strengthen the body and improve flexibility. This 30 minute session will leave you sweaty, stronger and full of energy.


  • HIIT the Core with Melissa Power. This session will dispel the myths surrounding core exercises and show you exactly how you can work your way towards fab abs!

  • LIFTED with Laura Hoggins, aka ‘Biceps’, Master your own bodyweight to control movement and motion will build a solid rig – feel the burn, feel strong and feel empowered!

  • Define Barre with Ashley Verma - For those looking for a strong core and elongated limbs, this fast pace Barre session will tone from top to toe.

  • ‘Move, Mobilise and Lift’ with Alex Rennie. Alex prides himself of creating an experience to remember thanks to his big music beats, his energy throughout and some pretty tough programming to get stuck into.

  • ‘Be the Fittest’ with Tyronne Brennand’s high intensity full body workout, working on burning calories and toning muscles.

  • F.I.T Jam is a fun, confidence boosting, high energy dance fitness concept . Follow the easy routine and dance to an array of music genres such as Dancehall, Soca, Urban beats, house and more. Lots of positive energy, laughter and confidence building interaction.

  • PWR Box with Sarah Gorman, Davina Mccall’s Trainer - A powerful blend of boxing style moves, standing core strength and dance thrown in for a cardio, strength and toning burn out.

Live Well London’s Boutique Studio’s take group exercise to another level, offering energetic classes to motivate and deliver results. Live Well London’s studio residents bring you four very different experiences to trial and discover what suits you and your body best – book your session in advance!

Barre Studio by DEFINE
Fast becoming the Capital’s go to fitness destination, DEFINE London, Barre studio, with its high tempo, New York style barre fitness is new to the UK. Each class on the schedule is next level barre; infused with founder Ashley Verma's signature New York energy and amped-up music, for non-stop, head-to-toe intense body-burning, stretching and strengthening systems. Regular classes achieve a strong, lean and sculpted body as well as improved posture, muscle definition, weight loss, increased flexibility and reduced stress levels.

The Foundry
Voted one of the best gyms in the world, The Foundry is a results driven fitness concept which offers classes and small group personal training, delivered by world class coaches in a welcoming and non-threatening environment. The Foundry gives everyone the opportunity to train like an athlete in a team environment and to be treated like an athlete by their team of rehab specialists. You don’t need to be physically strong to become a member of The Foundry.

KOBOX is a boxing club like no other… delivering a high energy, gut-busting workout which will be the most gruelling cardio session of your week. KOBOX's industry-leading trainers will guide you, step-by-step, through the fundamentals of boxing, from your footwork through to your punches, on its tailor-made aqua bags, in its truly unique, discrete nightclub studio setting. When you're not on the bag, you'll be put through a series of heart-pounding, full-bodyweight exercises on the floor. Once you're done, it's back to the bag!

One LDN 
Don’t compromise! One LDN is a boutique gym offering specialist fitness classes in Imperial Wharf. Delivering the most effective and engaging workouts in strength, cardio and flexibility with some of London’s best instructors. 

The Knowledge Hub fuelled by INNERMOST 

Thought provoking and inspirational talks and panel sessions delivered by leading experts and qualified professionals will answer all your health, wellbeing and fitness questions as well as opening up new paths for you to consider to make living well a sustainable part of your every day. Everything is up for discussion, from the taboo to the latest trends.

Friday 1st March – ‘Wellness Talks’
The Live Well London Knowledge Hub sponsored by INNERMOST opens on Friday 1st March with ‘Wellness Talks’ - tailored talks focusing on wellness in the workplace, ensuring wellness is firmly on the board agenda and integrated into the business day-to-day to help attain that all-important lifestyle balance. Insightful wellness business founders will review and comment on the latest wellness industry trends. This is the place to be if wellness is on your agenda!

  • Reach for the Stars - inspirational leaders Kristina Karlson of kikki.K and entrepreneur Lara Morgan, founder of Scentered, entrepreneur and business mentor, open up about their strategies for stress-less success with Sophie Scott, Founder and Editor, BALANCE

  • Creating a Healthy, Wealthy Well-being Culture. Laila Datoo, well-being coach and founder of will be joined by experts in the wellness field- from the Well-being Lead at Deloitte to one of the UK’s most established corporate wellness companies, Stretching the City, along with Founder and CEO of Shocklogic and the Director at Manifest leading team development. These companies have successfully created a well workplace - be inspired by their experiences, challenges and lessons learnt.

  • Leila Datoo, Founder, will also guide us through "Creating a Life that Works for you: Keeping on your toes in creating the right work/ life balance"

  • Wellness Trends: What’s Hot, What’s Not, and What’s Next! The panel will share their expertise to challenge your existing thinking, position your business more effectively for the future, help you re-think your strategy and share trends for engaging with these evolving customers and the wider world. With Charlotte Newton, MINDBODY.

  • Mental Health: In and out of the workplace - what’s your story?’ A powerful yet emotive panel discussion hosted by TLC Lions founder Gian Power with Jonny Benjamin MBE, a mental health campaigner, who is joined by ex-Eastenders and Primeval actor Danny Rahim who shares what life has been like "behind the scenes" and his turbulent battle with mental health. They will be joined by Laura Hearn, BBC TV News Producer and founder of Jiggsy who shares her story of recovery from anorexia and rehab in an LA clinic.

  • Sarah Greenidge, Founder, WellSpoken Mark and panel advise on ‘Building a Wellness Business in a Responsible Way

Saturday 2nd March
On Saturday Live Well’s headliner sessions follow the themes of self-love, self-worth, inspirational journeys made in pursuit of happiness, embracing technology to thrive, and how to be your fittest and strongest at 40+.

  • Mastering your Self-Worth, Self-Love and be your Healthiest Self’ Join ALT/HEALTHY founder Becki Rabin as she talks to leading life coach Jacqueline Hurst, relationship and love guru Persia Lawson and anxiety expert Chloe Brotheridge for an in-depth discussion on how to master your relationship with yourself. Top tips include building self-love, self-worth, confidence, mastering relationships, stress and anxiety, changing your mind-set and sharing techniques on how to silence your inner critic.

  • Younger, Fitter, Stronger: The Rise of The Ageless Body’. Matt Roberts, founder of Matt Roberts Personal Training, talks us through the inspiration and reasoning for his new fitness book for the over 40’s.

  • Your Dream Life Starts Here’ . Inspirational advice on how to realise your dreams from kikki.K founder, Kristina Karlsson. Learn about Kristina’s big crazy dream and find out what steps you can take to start turning your dream life into reality.

  • Find your #YourLiveWell: Why A Healthy Mind is as Important as a Healthy Body’ . Mood is improved by physical activity, and mindfulness promotes inner strength. It’s all about creating the right balance for you to unite your mind and body to find the right #LiveWell for you. Chaired by Sophie Scott, Founder & Editor, BALANCE and Niraj Shah, Mind:Unlocked and Claire Fountain of CB Quality and TrillYoga from the USA, who inspires with her unorthodox and realistic approach to yoga and mental health, whilst promoting a conscious lifestyle through insight and education. This panel will explain why a healthy mind is just as important as a healthy body, how you can find the techniques and tools that are right for you, as a sustainable part of living well every day.

  • Digital Sanity: How to Embrace Technology & Thrive’ Niraj Shah, founder of Mind:Unlocked will guide you to your digital sanity haven through healthy solutions that embrace technology without risking our sanity.

  • Achieve The Extraordinary: Be Empowered, Be Inspired, Be Badass and Face Your Challenges’ Chair Lara Morgan talks to Sophie Grace Holmes, personal trainer, fitness fanatic, health and nutrition enthusiast and Cystic Fibrosis sufferer, about empowering yourself to be your most badass and face your challenges full on.

  • Cultivate a Career in the Wellness Industry’. Join Welltodo’s Careers Coach, Sophie Clyde-Smith, as she chats to Hannah Tyldesley, one part of Twice the Health, Arti Kashyap-Aynsley, Consulting Senior Manager & Head of Wellness at Deloitte Consulting and Ben Wharfe, Director of Operations at Fiit. Hear how they cultivated a career in the wellness industry, overcame challenges, and how you too can follow your passion and land your dream career.

Sunday 3rd March
Sunday brings a celebration of confidence, belief, self-care and most of all how to find  #yourlivewell. A full day of panel and solo headliner slots will give their audience life changing tools and tips to address their own confidence challenges.

  • The Sunday Session: Start your Day with Confidence and Belief’ Our panel of three strong women chaired by Becki Rabin, Founder, ALT HEALTHY wellness coach and champion of the individual, share their own personal daily rituals which make sure their day starts off on the right foot. Learn practices that can help you grow in confidence and keep you on an even keel, whatever life throws at you. Becky is joined by Nicolette Wilson-Clarke, Founder, Embodied Entrepreneur and Amy Rushworth, Life Coach, Certified Integrative Health Coach, of Wellness With Amy

  • Parent Power: Self-care, sanity and survival’ Our parent panel all agree that parenting is a challenge and to succeed we need to keep it real, avoid the stereotypes, and take care of you so you can thrive and enjoy the joyfulness of being a parent! Hear from Nicky Clinch, Transformational Life Coach, Teacher, Healer, Entrepreneur & Chief Warrior Woman, Zoe Blaskey, Founder, MotherKind, Lizzie King, Founder, Lizzie Loves Healthy.

  • MindUP™: Educating Children’s Hearts and Minds. Join MindUP’s consultants and Mindfulness teachers - Uz Afzal and Carolyn Gelenter as they Explore the four pillars of the MindUP™ programme: Neuroscience, Mindful Awareness, Positive Psychology and Social and Emotional learning through a combination of information and practical activities. The session will explore the rationale, research and learning journey that MindUP™ provides, as well as a taster of some of the MindUP tools used to enhance children’s wellbeing through lowering their stress hormone cortisol by creating a significantly better stress physiology.

  • Celebrate Your Skin: Bust the Myths, Embrace the Basics and Rejoice in Skin Positivity’ Our expert panel chaired by Jo Fairley, Entrepreneur and Co-author of The Beauty Bible series and talks with Dr Anjali Mahato, Consultant Dermatologist and author of “The Skincare Bible” and Angelique Panagos, Registered Nutritional Therapist, Speaker, and Author. Together they debate how best to cut through the beauty jungle to find products and techniques that really work. Is your skin on overload? Are you baffled by the constant pace of change in beauty? Discover what the experts believe really works.

  • Finding #YourLivewell’. Live Well is an outfit that looks different on everybody, and the panel will share what they do to #LiveWell, and open the floor to Q & A’s. You will leave this session embracing our differences. Find your #Livewell at Live Well London.