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Just Breathe – Mindfulness In The Real World

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Last updated on August 22nd, 2021 at 03:31 PM

Just Breathe, the community of like-minded people bringing mindfulness into the real world, has introduced a new mindfulness app, designed to help turn down the volume in people’s everyday lives. 

Centred around the spirit of community, connection and quiet, the new Just Breathe app offers an easy and accessible way to help calm the mind and ease the stress and anxiety in our busy lives.

Whilst the need for this app has existed for some time, this sense of mindfulness is something people are increasingly seeking to combat the disruptive impact of the pandemic.

The app will recommend a new meditation each day to its users, stepping away from the paradox of choice that often overwhelms our online lives.

Each meditation is based around an accessible and optimal 8-minute daily practice.

A weekly rota of content ensures app users have something new to try every day, along with a bank of past meditation content accessible in the library.


Guided Meditation: A guided practice based on a changing weekly theme

Music Meditation: Unique meditations with bespoke backing tracks from exclusive collaborations

Stress and Anxiety: Mindfulness guides and real-world practices to help ease stress and anxiety

Words to Live By: Meditations based on a simple idea or practice, challenging the norms and expectations of what it means to live mindfully in the real world

Breathing Practices: A rotation of different breathwork practices

Good Intentions: No more quick fixes and unrealistic ambitions – the app offers small changes and actions that can make a positive change to your day

Sleep and Rest: Calming practices to send you off sleep or just find a moment to relax

Just Breathe was first founded in 2016 by one of the most relevant voices in the modern era of mindfulness, Michael James Wong, who is on a mission to turn the volume down and bring quieter conversation into the real world.

Wong’s body of work has been growing since he stepped into the world of wellness more than 20 years ago. Wong has been a pioneering community leader, meditation teacher, author and wisdom seeker, focused on learning and sharing these practices in an everyday and relatable way.

As part of Just Breathe’s commitment to bringing positive change to the community, the app will be available to all UK doctors, nurses, clinicians and medical professionals to prescribe to patients for free.

Called Just Breathe RX, the programme will allow people across the whole of the UK to access the app if medical professionals think they would benefit from it as part of their daily lives.

Practitioners simply register their patient on the website to gain access.  

The Just Breathe app is available on both Apple and Android with subscriptions. Download now for a free 7-day trial or purchase for £8.99 a month.

Find out more about the Just Breathe app and the Just Breathe community at www.justbreatheproject.com