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Innermost Announce Launch Of The HIIT & Run Club

Innermost hiit run club

Last updated on November 13th, 2021 at 08:07 PM

Award-winning nutrition brand, Innermost, announces the launch of the Innermost HIIT & Run Club.

This ongoing series of fitness events will be free to participate for everyone who attends and provide a unique approach to social fitness and outdoor exercise. 

The first event will kick off on Thursday 18th November at Paddington Recreation Ground, led by Innermost ambassador, personal trainer, run coach and actress, Caitriona Hyatt who commented, “Innermost are focused on making better health easier and more accessible. What better way to do this than to create a free fitness  experience that is open to everyone.”  

“The dangers of sedentary lifestyles and lack of social connections are well-documented. We think it’s time to bring our community together through the Innermost  HIIT & Run Club, and encourage them to move and build real-life connections.” 

Shivraj Bassi, Founder & CEO at Innermost

Each event will involve elements of HIIT and running, and be led by a notable fitness trainer with a strong social element built into each event.

Innermost will also be inviting a range of brand partners to each event to showcase their services and products, and there will be competitions, prizes and giveaways for attendees. 

Upcoming event dates are listed below: 

• Thursday 18th November (6:30 pm) 

• Thursday 16th December (6:30 pm) 

• Thursday 20th January (6:30 pm) 

For more information about the Innermost HIIT & Run Club. please visit liveinnermost.com.

To attend and participate, sign-up for free through our Eventbrite page here.