Here's the best way to score in-demand match tickets


The rush to score tickets to major sporting events is a universal problem. It’s a process fuelled by emotion (panic mostly) and uncertainty; as thousands of fans vie to attend the same events.

But, while it might seem the chances are slim, there are a few tips you can try to help your cause. Things like scoping out fan clubs, pre-sale passwords and alerts. 

To find out what consumers in the UK think the most effective tips for scoring match tickets are, cheap football tickets company conducted a survey.

The survey asked 2,424 consumers, with a proactive interest in sport, to select the tips they have found to be most effective in scoring dream tickets, with interesting results. found 62% of consumers believe 'join the fan club / page for early access tickets' and 'use multiple browsers or devices' are the most effective tips for scoring the event tickets you want. 

In fact, match-goers suggest using ‘multiple browsers or devices’ is almost 3x more effective than downloading the event app (24%.) 

One survey respondent comments: 

“For sporting events where there are multiple games (like FIFA World Cup and UEFA European Championships), I go with friends. Before tickets go on sale, we work out what games we want to apply for and decide price bands. 

We use multiple devices to find the tickets we want – computer, iPhone and iPad – whichever gets us into the ticket window quicker. Whoever secures the tickets first goes ahead with the purchase (for big events it’s typically a 15-minute window to purchase the tickets once in your basket.)”

Preparation is also recommended. Over half (57%) of UK consumers say it is important to ‘prepare yourself for the sale to begin’, with steps like ‘sign-in ahead of time’ (48%) and ‘do a practise run through’ (19%) advised. 

Over a third (33%) of consumers follow with a warning: ‘stay patient – never refresh the site.’

Stefan Balkenende, a spokesperson for livefootballtickets, comments: 

“This survey offers great insight to share with everyone who dreams of attending once in a lifetime sports events. Don’t be lured in by the promise of “exclusive offers”, which can be subject to terms and conditions. Head straight to an official source – like an authorised fan club / page. Be prepared and be savvy.”


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