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You’re Most Likely to Get a Tinder Match Wearing THIS Sports Kit in Your Picture

PriceYourJob recently found that your job role affects the number of matches you get on Tinder. But does a hobby too? In a new study, GolfSupport’s Under Armour Team can reveal that wearing your favourite sports kits online could affect how lucky in love you are!


Using 12 popular UK sports, separate Tinder profiles were created which kept all details the same except the sports kit worn in the profile picture. GolfSupport then made 300 right swipes and waited three days to see who swiped back.


The most attractive sports kit to wear on Tinder is rugby. Out of 300 swipes, 208 matched, as it seems the appeal of the rugby hunk is as strong as ever.

Second place is awarded to football. Wearing a football kit in your dating profile gets hearts racing, as 195 of the 300 swipes were reciprocated, just 13 less than rugby. With the sex appeal of Premier League players like Hector Bellerin and Andre Gomes, it comes as no surprise that football kits are a turn-on.

What is a little surprising, however, is golf in third place. Love for golf was previously more niche and specialised, so it’s interesting to see this changing – the smartly dressed golf guy ticked the boxes for 168 out of 300 people.

In fourth place is gymnastics with 165 matches, followed by netball (159), American football (140) and athletics.

Considering the least appealing sports kits to singletons, cricket comes in last place. Whether it’s the cricket whites or official team outfits letting the side down, cricket doesn’t float the boats of single Brits as only 49 profiles returned the right swipe.

Alongside cricket, other sports which aren’t gaining much Tinder traction include:

  • Rowing – 57 right swipes
  • Cycling – 70 right swipes
  • Basketball – 114 right swipes
  • Badminton/tennis – 120 right swipes

What are Brits’ biggest Tinder turn-offs?

GolfSupport were also interested to see which Tinder habits turn British singletons off. A further survey asked 1,247 British dating app users which aspects of a user’s profile seal the deal and which break it when looking for love.

Participants’ biggest Tinder turn-offs in someone’s profile can be revealed below:

Profile habitPercentage who are turned off
Cliché quotes/mottos82%
Song lyrics or favourite artists76%
Negative statements or dislikes71%
Selfies from bed70%
Favourite sports team68%
Photo filters66%
Overuse of emojis63%
Dirty jokes/comments61%
Overconfident bio59%
Selfies with no smiling57%

A sports related turn-off makes an appearance on the list – 68% of Brits are turned-off by someone listing their favourite sports team in their bio. 

When asked if they’d ever matched with someone wearing a sports kit, a surprising 57% said yes, compared to 23% who hadn’t and 20% who couldn’t remember. It appears the varying success of this method as shown in the study doesn’t stop everyone!

Finally, the team or sport you follow also affects your chances of securing a date. When asked would you swipe right to someone who supported a different sport/team to you? 51% answered yes, however 365 stated no (13% not sure).

Please see the full blog post for more information here: https://golfsupport.com/blog/this-sports-kit-will-get-most-tinder-matches/