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Small Changes That Can Make A Big Difference To How Often We Really Feel At Our Best

By David Saunders, Health Editor | UPDATED: 08:28, 08 July 2020

The average Brit only feels they are performing at their best for a third of the day, with seven in 10 feeling they do not make the most of their time, and the majority keen to make changes to their everyday habits.

A survey of 2,000 adults commissioned by the UK’s number one natural source water, Highland Spring, has revealed how often we feel we are making the most of the day, and the factors which make us feel less than 100 per cent.

The findings show that in a typical day,the average Brit will feel less than 100 per centfor almost eight hours.When it comes to the causes behind this,unsurprisingly a poor night’s sleep comes top, followed by a lack of fresh airandfeeling hungry.Dehydration was also cited as a reason for performing below par, revealing that:

  • A quarter of Brits do not take their first sip of water until midday

  • Surprisingly, over a third regularly have days where they do not drink any water at all

  • 38 eight per cent feel sluggish when they are dehydrated

  • 22 per cent say it makes it more difficult to concentrate.

Nearly a third of people surveyed in the study, conducted by, believe their draining work commute is to blame for feeling less than their best.

The study into the nation’s everyday journeys was commissioned to launch Highland Spring’s new ‘A to Anywhere’ campaign around the benefits of hydration.

Mike Buckland from Highland Spring said: “From the morning wakeup call and work commute to evening exercise sessions, dinner preparations and finally lights out, modern life can be pretty hectic.

“The research shows that this can negatively impact how we feel. But the appetite for change is there, with 63 per cent of adults wanting to make small changes to their everyday habits and make the most of the day. We want to help them get there, starting with healthy hydration.”

When it comes to what Brits believe could make a difference, nearly two thirds of Brits want to make small tweaks to their day to maximise their energy levels:

  • 33 per cent believe drinking more water would help to lift their energy levels, with 15 per cent of those surveyed admitted they rarely drink any water at all.

  • 48 per cent would want to get more sleep

  • 39 per cent would like to get more exercise

  • 25 percent think more time with friends and family could rejuvenate them.

With 89% of people not drinking enough water on a daily basis, Highland Spring has teamed up with registered Harley Street nutritionist, Rhiannon Lambert, to raise awareness of the positive lifestyle habits people can adopt.

“We all know the demands of our daily routine can take their toll. The research is further proof that it’s more important than ever to have a number of positive lifestyle habits that can help us stay our best,” says Lambert.

“These habits don’t need to be expensive or time consuming. They can be as simple as getting 7-8 hours sleep a night, moving away from your desk at lunchtime by taking a walk for some fresh air and practicing mindful eating. Drinking the right amount of water is crucial too; 60% of the body is water – so it’s vital that we keep this optimum level topped up.

“Small, positive habits such as these all add up to help us stay at our best and get us where we want to go.”

As part of its ‘A to Anywhere’ campaign, Highland Spring is inspiring Brits to think more about the importance of staying hydrated with a series of hydration events in Glasgow (7th – 11th May), Manchester (20th-24th May) and London (3rd-7th June).

Inspired by the majestic landscape of Scotland’s Ochil Hills that is home to Highland Spring’s natural water source, the events will take commuters on their very own hydration journey.

A showcase of facts and statistics, sourced in partnership with the Natural Hydration Council (NHC),will be on display to inspire commuters to maintain hydration levels that will help get them from ‘A to Anywhere.’

Mike Buckland concludes: “We want people to know the facts about hydration and how it can influence how we feel every day. Even mild dehydration can reduce our ability to concentrate, excessive amounts of caffeine can be dehydrating, and poor hydration can affect how our brains function.

“This is about encouraging people to get the water habit and make the most of their day, as well as understanding more about the protected organic land where our water is sourced from, and finallyhow every bottle of Highland Spring can be recycled for multiple lives.”