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Embrace On The Go Fitness This Summer

Whether you practise morning sun salutation on the beach, enjoy doing burpees by the pool or a silent meditation as the sun rises, exercising on holiday couldn’t be easier.

Online fitness has exploded over the past year, with countless gyms adapting their offerings to cater for the demand surrounding hybrid fitness. 

Driving the interest for on-the-go, anytime fitness is the flexibility to workout when you want and where you want. Online platforms such as BLOKtv offer 60 live online fitness classes each week and more than 400 On-Demand video classes. 

“Looking after yourself both physically and mentally shouldn’t stop when you go on holiday. If anything, it’s a great time to recalibrate those practices and all you need is a solid routine,”

Jules McLellanHead of yoga at BLOK

In celebration of International Day of Yoga, wherever you are in the world, BLOK’s head of yoga Jules Mclellan shares her top tips with us for practising yoga whilst travelling this summer:

Early riser

  1. Practise in the morning because you are much more likely to skip the practise later in the day when you’ll be having fun exploring or feeling too relaxed to move. Morning yoga frees you up to whatever the rest of the day may bring. 

Find your workout spot

  1. When you arrive at your accommodation and you’ve settled in, find your ‘yoga spot’.  This way you are not searching for somewhere to practise and you can get straight to it in a serene and effortless way.

Plan first

  1. Choose the BLOK-tv classes that you want to practise before you go on holiday, and save them in your favourites.  This will save you some time in the morning and is another way to make your practise easier and therefore more achievable. 

Manage your time

  1. Personally, I’d choose classes around half an hour in length. Half an hour is more than enough time to keep your body healthy and fit, and won’t infringe on your relaxation time., especially if you are holidaying with people who don’t enjoy exercising

Find routines you enjoy

  1. I’d recommend the yoga mobility four-class series with Michael Eley. This is a fantastic series to practise on holiday as it focuses on the hips and backbends and is only around half an hour long. I also host a five-class series of morning flows, which is a great way to start your day on holiday

BLOKtv gives members access to over 400 on-demand classes, with over 110 yoga-specific routines you can practise whilst travelling

Plan your holiday fitness schedule ahead of time and sign up for a 14-day free trial of BLOKtv here: www.blok-tv.com