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Nervous Holiday Goers Have Health Anxiety As Quarantine Ends For Amber Listed Destinations

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FOLLOWING the announcement that fully vaccinated residents will no longer need to quarantine from 19th July if they have arrived in England from an amber listed destination, it’s expected that many people will be booking their next trip abroad – however, many Brits still feel concerned about travelling this summer, due to heightened worries about their health.

A survey of 2,006 UK adults from medical ID charity, MedicAlert has revealed that following the pandemic, 31% of Brits have concerns about their health when it comes to holidaying this year. 

77% of those polled are anxious about the loosening of lockdown restrictions this summer, with over a third (35%) of respondents saying they’re less likely to put themselves in a large crowd because they’re wary of social interactions.

When examining holiday health anxiety among those who have underlying health conditions and have been faced with shielding over the past 18 months, the vast majority – 64%, are concerned about holidaying this year due to heightened health concerns.

A quarter of those polled (24%) are worried that they wouldn’t get the right medical treatment in an emergency, with 23% saying they worry about communicating medical information if there is a language barrier, while 18% say they believe there will be a lack of access to their medical information when being abroad or away from their usual doctors and healthcare support.

The research further revealed that 18% are concerned about having an accident abroad and no one being there to help.

Surprisingly, younger people with health conditions are more anxious about their health on holiday this summer with only 8% of those aged 16-24 having no health concerns about travelling compared to 24% on average. 

When asked what would make them feel more confident about going on holiday, 31% of those polled would feel reassured by carrying details of their specific medical requirements around with them, while 28% want to find a way to provide access to their medical information if they find themselves in a situation where they cannot speak for themselves.

Kirsten Giles, CEO at MedicAlert, comments; “Holidays are supposed to be a welcome break from the stress and strain of work and life but for many people, particularly thanks to the ongoing pandemic, travel and anxiety go hand in hand. This has been exacerbated due to the heightened awareness of our own health status as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic.”

“Travelling, whether in the UK or abroad, can be most daunting for those with health concerns, particularly if they’ve spent time shielding from others during the pandemic.

The research shows it’s this group who suffer the most from holiday health anxiety but, as with all life’s adventures, preparation is key and anxiety about experienced health issues while away shouldn’t be a barrier for enjoying quality time with friends and family, particularly after 18 months of restricted movements.

“For those seeking additional safety and peace of mind in advance of a holiday, MedicAlert provides the UKs only full medical ID service, which helps save lives by providing access to vital medical information in an emergency – keeping you  safe wherever you travel in the world.”

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