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What Health Essentials Should You Have In Your Bag On The Go?

There are some items you just never leave the house without – we have the obvious keys, wallet, phone but what about the little things that keep you going throughout the day.

Our experts offer their recommendations of 3 of the best things to carry with you. Ideal for the health conscious – whether you’re on your commute or out on a day trip you can be sure you’ve got what you need for a great day.

Mindfulness on the go

It’s definitely not easy to practice mindfulness on your commute. Especially when you’re being shoved dangerously close to a stranger’s armpit on the central line in rush hour. Luckily, the brand new mindfulness platform, ThinkWell LiveWell ( can help; this handy mindfulness toolkit can be stored on your phone – so you can have it with you wherever you go.

Experiment with ThinkWell LiveWell on your commute, slow down and spend the time focusing your attention on the present moment.

Experienced therapist and former advertising psychologist, Mick Cassell, created this online toolkit to answer the needs that his professional and personal experience told him were not being met by the mindfulness apps currently in the marketplace.

ThinkWell-LiveWell draws on Mick’s multi-modular approach as a therapist to combine Mindfulness with other techniques such as Cognitive Work, NLP, hypnotherapy, guided meditation and dreamwork, delivered in both online and offline forms.

Psychotherapist and Psychologist Corinne Sweet, working with ThinkWell LiveWell explains, “There are many benefits of doing self-development and therapy techniques in a combined way, as they reinforce each other.

If you need to change a behaviour or a way of thinking, you need to adopt new behaviours and ideas, and then put them into practice.”

Corinne adds, “Everyone can benefit from these programmes, however, in my experience regular use helps reinforce what is experienced or learned in a session.”

So, what better time to practice your mindfulness whilst on your commute – regular time allotted for yourself and most importantly will fit in your hand as well as your handbag!

Keep you natural energy boost in your bag

Pop sense* for busy lives weekly supply (RRP 6.99 35g, available at boots in your handbag at the start of the week and you’ll be ready for anything – simply add to your favourite smoothie or water for a quick and easy lift.

sense* for Busy Lives has been expertly designed to support the modern lifestyle, to help avoid oxidative stress and reduce fatigue.

Containing a range of essential vitamins such as, vitamin B12 and iron to provide a natural energy boost, helping you hit the ground running and tackle your to-do list. Iodine and zinc are also included to support normal cognitive function, promoting a focused state of mind.

Nutritionist Amanda Hamilton, working in association with sense* adds “So many of us juggle. It can be easy to cut corners nutritionally if there’s a struggle to find time to prepare fresh food each day.

Think of ways to cut corners and be time effective without missing out -nutrient dense powders that can be added to smoothies like sense* for busy lives are a great idea

Don’t be caught out by hunger

When hunger hits most of us can feel hangry pretty quickly! Pack a delicious Ombar before you leave the house– these little chocolate bars are the ideal size for handbags.

Try Ombar’s 100% Cacao bar, which showcases the dark and rich tones of chocolate, in its purest form.

Ombar make their 100% Cacao bar using only unroasted cacao, and keep their processing at low temperatures.

That way the hero ingredient stays choc-full of the nutrients that nature intended. Ombar 100% Cacao is organic, vegan and fair trade.

Created using only all-natural, plant-based ingredients, and with absolutely no sugar, it’s chocolate you can feel good about!

Ombar’s core range of 35g chocolate bars are available from Planet Organic, Wholefoods, independent health food stores and online at, RRP £1.99 (35g bar).