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‘Stopping bum sweat’ and ‘approaching girls’ are just a couple of some surprising gym concerns

By David Saunders, Health Editor | UPDATED: 08:28, 26 June 2020

In today’s health conscious society, the gym is becoming an integral part of many individuals’ busy lifestyles. With new gyms opening at a rapid rate and membership prices more affordable than ever before, this trend is only set to continue. As more and more people look to get fit, what questions do Brits have about the gym?

Interested in fitness, derived search engine data from analytics and marketing tool SEM rush to discover some of the most intriguing questions Brits are asking Google each month in relation to the gym.

“The popularity of gyms is soaring. Once considered a sanctuary mainly for body builders and health fanatics, it is now a more welcoming and affordable environment for everyone. This research provides an insight into some of the questions related to the gym that Brits are asking Google each month. Through their search intent to get the required information/knowledge online, it does showcase the aspects surrounding the gym that individuals are actively trying to improve on or simply just curious about – no matter how unexpected or unusual they maybe.”

— Stefan Balkenende, the Managing Director of commented found that a significant number of Brits are turning to Google each month to find out what they should eat before (2,900 searches) and after (1,300 searches) the gym.

Interestingly, a lot of individuals are curious about how frequently they should visit the gym and once there, the amount of time they should aim to work out for – the following search queries highlight this: ‘how often should I/you go to the gym? (1,070)’ and ‘how long should I/you spend in the gym? (400)’.

To overcome one of the most daunting aspects of the gym, 530 people every single month are harnessing Google to gain adequate guidance of how they should use gym machines/equipment properly.

On the other end, 380 Brits per month are hoping Google will provide a definitive number when it comes to identifying how many calories they should ideally burn in the gym.

Additionally, Live Rugby Tickets also sought to pick out some of the more unusual and perhaps unexpected questions Brits are searching for on Google each month when it comes to the gym.

Live Rugby Tickets found that 90 Brits per month are scouring through Google to look for solutions to help them stop bum sweat when exercising at the gym.

Being attracted to someone in the gym is not uncommon but it can be a very difficult and intimidating environment to express this feeling towards a desired gym-goer.  But Brits are seemingly trying to overcome any anxiety/fear they may have to do so and these set of search queries certainly demonstrate this: ‘how to approach a girl at the gym? (70)’ and ‘how to approach a guy at the gym? (70)’.

With a surprising 50 searches each month for how to break into a gym locker – a small proportion of British gym-goers are certainly mischievous.

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