Green House delivers optimal fuel for the brain


Green House has been launched to create and deliver delicious,  nutrition-rich food;  salads, soups, sides, drinks and desserts to your home or office, providing optimal fuel for the brain.

Green House is the brainchild of Frederic Janssen.  Years of overworking in the hospitality industry resulted in depression and anxiety, and Frederic took a personal journey to find a solution.

Frederic Janssen

After considerable research into understanding what he needed to do to feel better, he discovered that the answer lay mostly in the foods he should be eating. “After a while, having explored one by one the areas I needed to work on in my life, I understood that all of them were important to analyse and invest in, but that none of these efforts could work if the basic fuel to get me there was not right... food!” says Frederic.

Based on the emerging nutritional psychiatry ethos, a healthy Mediterranean approach to balanced eating, and findings from some of the world’s leading clinical nutritionists and medical professionals,  Frederic has used his accumulated knowledge and love of good food to create delicious dishes available from Green House, to enjoy at home or at your desk.  And it’s as simple as ordering from the online menu at 

Currently available in the City of London, Farringdon and all areas within a 1 ½ mile radius of Frederic’s Bethnal Green kitchen (plans to widen distribution are underway), Green House is at the forefront of providing delicious dishes which feed the nutritional needs of the brain, mind and body. The salads are delivered by Deliveroo, Uber Eats, Feedr and soon City Pantry in clever, sustainably-sourced origami boxes – their unique flower petal design opens up to reveal the delicious, artfully presented fresh ingredients inside.

“Food delivery is on the rise but there seems to be a lack of striving for true hospitality in the delivery world. At Green House, we want to ‘touch’ people with our delivery experience through our packaging, the same way a real restaurant engages with their guests to give them memorable experiences. And we wanted to do that at an absolute minimum cost to the planet,” says Frederic.

Green House uses whole, nutrient-rich ingredients and make all their dishes, desserts and drinks from scratch. Organic when possible, they use no preservatives or ‘E’ numbers. They sweeten with coconut sugar for their desserts, but never more than needed. Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is used for all their preparation as - according to their food ethos - it constitutes the keystone to a healthy brain diet. They make cunning use of exotic spices like ashwagandha, turmeric and Reishi to help influence mood through their food.

“When I was searching for convenient lunches in London that would help me in my quest to feel better, I couldn’t find anything that focussed on feeding the brain, so we have set out to deliver a new way to make it easier to eat well, to optimise the brain, even help our diners pick their mood, so they can be the best versions of themselves.

“What I am most passionate about is how food has helped me be a better person.  I went from being stuck in bed to creating Green House,” says Frederic.

The Green House Menu

The menu changes seasonally, there are vegetarian, gluten free and vegan options, and includes: 

Cravings Salads

Most Memorable Salads from around the World

These Classic salads been designed for pure deliciousness whilst feeding the brain, mind and body according to the Green House food ethos. Organic and sustainable Proteins can be added to these salads to supercharge the experience. 

This range of salads include a crunchy Asian Detox Salad : with organic kale, red and white cabbages, courgette noodles, carrots, Spiced chickpeas, cucumbers, coriander leaves and crushed cashews, topped with a miso ponzu dressing. 

Wellbeing Salads

Where Art meets Science

Ingredients in these special salads have been curated by clinical nutritionists to get the best out of your brain, mind and body. These have been designed as optimal fuel to help you perform and be the best you can be. For example, The Green House Focus Salad has Organic spinach, Organic Kale cauliflower, red onions, energy dukkah, beets, goat cheese, spiced walnuts and blood oranges with a citrus cumin dressing. All these ingredients are geared to enhance focus and stay alert during the day! 

Soups - Liquid Greatness

What are soups if not liquid salads says Green House.  Chilled soups for the summer include Green Reboot with nine fresh herbs and vegetables including cucumber, lime, spinach, celery, basil, almond milk and cashews 


On the days when you need the 'Extra' in Extraordinary

Green House has selected proteins for the high-quality fuel you need to be the best you can, such as Energy Hummus with chickpeas, tahini  and a touch of ceremonial grade matcha. 

Desserts - Guilty pleasures

Life sometimes requires some sweetness and comfort. Green House baker Clari even bakes in her dreams and creates classics with a healthier twist including Cardamom Banana Bread. 

Drinks - Much like plants, we need a lot of water!

Rhubarb Tonic.jpg

Sometimes we want a little more than plain H20, that’s why Green House has created some home made seasonal drinks, such as Rhubarb-ade with rhubarb, strawberries and a touch of honey to quench thirst in a more fun and satisfying way using only real ingredients.

Green House



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