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‘No Booze Or Drugs Please, We’re Healthy’ Say 18-24 Year Olds

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Last updated on November 14th, 2021 at 07:19 PM

Gone are the days when Pot Noodle’s and cigarettes fuelled twentysomethings as nowadays, Generation Z are more likely to be popping vitamins, shunning fad diets and grabbing 8 hours of sleep a night. 

Health and wellness brand Swisse Me, has delved into the minds of 18-24 years olds to find out their attitudes to staying healthy.

In contrast to debauched 90s twentysomethings influenced by acid house raves and drug-fuelled scenes in TV shows like This Life, three-quarters (76%) of Gen-Z say they don’t take recreational drugs, while 17% confess to taking them. 

A whopping 4 in 10 say they are teetotal, with just a quarter drinking 1-2 units per week – equivalent to 1 pint of lower alcohol lager, or a small glass of wine. 

Three-quarters say they shun fad diets, while only 28% confess to trying diets such as Keto and the 5:2.

Despite their knowledge of keeping fit and healthy, 1 in 4 18-24s mistakenly believe POTATOES count towards your recommended 5-a-day fruit and vegetable intake.

Despite being labelled picky and dubbed ‘snowflakes’, just 5% say they are vegan, 5% are pescatarian and only 10% are vegetarian.

HALF of Gen Zers say they prioritise getting a full 8 hours’ of sleep a night.

1 in 4 Gen Zers say previous generations are far less healthy than them.  

Find out more about Gen Z’s health and wellbeing focusses, as well as trend predictions for 2021 in the Swisse Me Annual Health and Wellness Report here.

Nykkea Maretic, Senior Marketing Manager from Swisse Me comments: “We understand the importance of health and wellbeing to Generation Z.

They lead hectic lifestyles so we offer a tailored range of products to help overcome daily stressors with natural ingredients. For example, our ready-made smoothies are a healthy snack packed with the vitamins and minerals of fruit and vegetables, without the fuss of meal prep.”

“Our ‘Wellness Hub’ on the website provides tips and advice on maintaining your health through nutrition, vitamins and supplements.”

Delivering a range of innovative products that shake up the market and fit in with a busy lifestyle; the Swisse Me range includes ready-to-drink smoothies, high-protein supplements and daily snack alternatives that are all nutritious, taste great and are fun to eat.

From the Daily Immunity Capsules – perfect for the 49% of Gen Z’ers taking supplements to boost their immune system; to the new vegan protein powders that’ll benefit the 23% who are likely to use protein supplements going forward, Swisse Me has a variety of nutrition products that fit in with your everyday lifestyle.