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Rollerballs Become Fastest Selling Portable Fragrance In-Store

By David Saunders, Health Editor | UPDATED: 08:28, 08 July 2020

Since its launch in 2017 the Missguided BABE POWER has continued to be a bestselling female fragrance instore beating favourites such as Paco Rabanne 1 Million, Hugo Boss and Dior.

Now customers can buy a cute mini 10ml Missguided Rollerball Scent and it’s literally flying off the shelf. Sales of this gym essential are up 120% in the last week and in the run up to the big Easter getaway.

• Missguided BABE POWER remains best-selling female fragrance

• 10ml Missguided Rollerball Scent fastest selling portable fragrance in-store in last week, at The Fragrance Shop

• Sales up 120% in last week in run up to Easter getaway

This portable fragrance is the embodiment of the iconic Missguided brand with its scent designed to evoke a feeling of strength, confidence and femininity. Babe Power is made for the girl who wants her scent to match her unapologetic attitude.

Key fragrance notes include a vibrant splash of grapefruit zest and sour cherry, sharpened with crisp apple and pink pepper. At its heart, orange blossom is accentuated with soft peony and jasmine for a succulent signature; while vanilla, creamy musk, playful candy floss and amber crystals combine to leave a provocative lasting impression.

Available at The Fragrance Shop, Missguided and internationally.