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Fitness For The Over 50s!

By David Saunders  | UPDATED: 12:28, 23 December 2019

Newly launched MolyFit is an online fitness platform for the over 50s which provides effective exercises to get the older adult active again.

The specially designed exercises help maintain mobility and builds a stronger body in the safest way, whilst staying as pain free as possible.

MolyFit will showcase various exercises and workouts on a regular basis to all its subscribers at a low cost of £1.50 a month which is extremely affordable for retired or non-working people over 50 or anyone who has trouble getting back to the gym due to injuries.

John Molyneux is the owner of MolyFit and this idea came about due to the success of his book ‘A Better You In Later Life’ for the over 50s which focusses on recovering strength, balance and mobility and works on your posture which is the most common problem and the cause of most aches and pains.

Originally a sports therapist, John has dealt with the same issues and injuries for clients over many years that could have been avoided if recognised and dealt with earlier…. Welcome MolyFit!

Molyneux quotes: ‘There is a huge gap in the market for older people wanting to get fitter and be the best they can be, there wasn’t much out there for older people with injuries who are limited on exercises due to lack of mobility. MolyFit answers this need and offers specialised exercises for this market for less mobile people and gets them back on their feet.

With MolyFit you will learn to re-engage and get moving again using gentle exercise. It may seem strange but you will re-learn how to walk – putting your body back into the position it should be, using your muscles in the correct way.

You will also learn how to strengthen and stretch your muscles – dealing with muscular issues you were probably unaware of. Learn how to fix the problem by finding the source and become a better you.’

MolyFit will provide a 28-day video exercise plan and an extensive video library, this will show that just a few minutes of exercise a day will make all the difference. With a little consistency and effort, MolyFit will build a better you.

MolyFit believes that exercise is accessible to everyone regardless of their age, ability or physical restrictions. MolyFit encourages you to listen to your body, understand what it is telling you and learn how to fix the problems yourself.

Using progressive, safe techniques, MolyFit will ask you to give it a try. Just a little exercise done every day can make the difference for A Better You.

Users can sign up and receive the first 14 days for free.

For more information on MolyFit please go to, to purchase John’s book ‘A Better You Later Life’ on Amazon please click here.

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