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Fitness App Dubbed “The Coach In Your Ear”


Last updated on August 22nd, 2021 at 03:39 PM

In the new era of social distancing, a fitness app which motivates, supports and guides users through regular exercise routines has seen a flood of new customers.

Pairing expert, in-ear coaching advice with video tutorials, Eastnine has been developed by a team of experienced personal trainers, professional athletes and Olympians to help fitness fans of all levels get stronger, fitter and become more confident in their workouts.

The fitness app is packed with sessions aimed at everyone from beginners, wanting to start on the right foot, to those who regularly exercise and want to hone or mix-up their daily routines and offers a wide selection of training programmes including one-off runs, HIIT sessions, weekly training plans, warm up exercises and strength training drills – the list is endless and there’s something to choose for everyone.

To support us all during Covid-19, the app has been made completely free for all, after the founders saw the need for a service that could provide for those who were lacking the usual support from their friends, gym or running groups.

Cat Forrest, co-founder of Eastnine, who started her career as a professional high jumper, turned cyclist, said the advice and support coming from the coaches in the app is a big hit in the current climate.

She said: “Whilst many of our members love working out at home, we’re hearing that the encouragement, advice and motivation from our coaches is really helping them make the most of their one opportunity to get outside and in the fresh air for a run.”.

“We have up to 18 coaches available to choose from, some coach in a consistent manner e.g. talking to you and guiding you on your running style throughout, whereas some leave you to it for a few minutes and come back in your ear when they guess you’re starting to lose pace or energy.”

Coaches include former military trainer, Vince Ciolino, Tokyo Olympic hopefuls, JJ Jegede and Lewis Richardson and running experts Tashi Skervin-Clarke and Ania Gabb.

Example sessions on Eastnine include:

Quick HIIT – one of the most popular cardio sessions that does exactly what it says on the tin!

Ready to Jog – a steady session from Helen that helps you ease back into running if it’s newer for you

Get into parkrun – a 19min session with Olympian Andy Baddeley and The Running Channel host, Anna.

Strength & Sprints – not as tough as it sounds, this session from JJ Jegede sprinkles running into a bodyweight workout for your legs, bum and core.

360 Core Essentials – get your core as strong as a boxers, with this short and sweet core session with GB boxer, Lewis Richardson.

Eastnine is available on iTunes and is currently free (typically £19.99 per annum).