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UK’s biggest Mexican restaurant Chiquito will celebrate Father’s Day for the whole weekend and will include father figures too!

By David Saunders, Health Editor | UPDATED: 08:28, 05 June 2020

UK’s biggest Mexican restaurant Chiquito will celebrate Father’s Day for the whole weekend and will include father figures too!

For the first time the restaurant will reward not just fathers but those people who might be a brother, grandad, uncle, stepdad, mum or a friend. It’s what they do that makes them special, not who they are and chiquito today acknowledges this.

All of Chiquito’s restaurants across the UK will celebrate Father’s Day this weekend, starting on Friday, giving away free nachos or a free drink (see terms and conditions*)

The Father’s Day Fiesta will recognise fathers but also father figures and to celebrate this idea chiquito has released a series of different coloured moustaches representing father figures and the important role they play in people’s lives.

Angelo Gabrilatsou, Managing Director of Chiquito said: “One of the guiding principles we have at Chiquito is to have our guests at heart and knowing that a day like Father’s Day can have different meanings for some of them, we wanted to make sure that people felt welcome to celebrate the Father Figure in their lives with us.

Our offer was extended throughout the weekend as well and with the option of a range of drinks or a starter, to allow this flexibility. We hope this will resonate well with customers and that they enjoy a good time with us.”

Chiquito has just launched their new menu which includes some new innovative takes on mexican classics as well as a number of additional vegetarian and lighter options in a move to make Mexican food more accessible to the nation.

Items being added include the Soft Shell Open Tacos (with jackfruit, barbacoa beef or chicken tinga) and Mexican Lettuce Wraps as well as a reinvented Guacamole recipe taken straight from the streets of Mexico.

Chiquito has expanded its vegetarian range to include jackfruit (in the Soft Shell Open Tacos and the Burrito with Benefits), Habanero Beetroot (in the Lettuce Cups with Feta and the Chopped and Topped Salad) and Caulibombs (seasoned and deep fried cauliflower with a jalapeno jelly dip)

Also added in a new ‘Green and Grains’ section is the Burrito with Benefits (a beetroot and chia seed wrap stuffed with superfood pulse salad, black turtle beans, pico de gallo and guacamole) and all new selection of Chopped and Topped Salads.

Other more premium items on offer are the Picanha Steak with Chilli Prawns (a Mexican take on a surf and turf), and the Ultimate Beef Rib with homemade Chimichurri.

For those with a sweet tooth there’s also a brand new range of Loaded Churros with toppings such as dulce de leche with banana, vanilla ice cream and cinnamon sugar.

*Terms and conditions: Father figure will receive one free drink or one standard nachos starter as a gift from when a minimum of one main meal is purchased. Offer Valid Friday 14th – Sunday 16th 2019 only. • Offer excludes sharing nachos, bottles of wine and large bottles of Corona. • No voucher required. Offered at the servers discretion and reserve the right to refuse this offer.

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