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A Family-Friendly Superhero Workout

By Brad Shaw, Fitness Editor | UPDATED: 08:28, 27 May 2020

Can’t get your teenager away from his Marvel movies to work out? Bowflex (, the innovators in home exercise equipment, have worked with Celeb Trainer Tom Holland to create a fun, family friendly workout fit for any superhero – spandex entirely optional.


Perform a 30-second warm-up and 30 second-cool down. (Running in place, jumping jacks, grapevine, etc.)

Perform each exercise for 45 seconds and the whole circuit three times for a great all-over workout. Use Dumbbells, Kettlebells or tins of baked beans as your weights.


Buff up like your favourite Captain in America, thanks to these easy to follow Captain Chops.

Use a simple wood chopping diagonal technique movement.


Squat like a soldier in winter to start a sweat with weighted squats

Keep your back straight and squat deeply and slowly for the best results. 


Get your heart racing with some panther like bicep curls


Beef up like your favourite lord of the stars, with Overhead Shoulder Presses

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