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Don’t Give Yourself A Hard Time About Christmas!

By Hugh Hanley, head of fitness, The Bannatyne Group  | UPDATED: 07:28, 20 December 2019

Christmas can be a challenge for strict adherents to fitness regimes. But as we head into the New Year, it’s important we don’t beat ourselves up about a little overindulgence over the festive period

If you’ve had one too many pigs in blankets or just couldn’t resist that extra splodge of brandy cream on your mince pie, now’s not the time to cry over spilled milk. That ship has sailed.

We’re not all professional athletes but we are all on our own health and wellness journeys. Having the ability to splurge now and again and then get back on track is the real key to maintaining a healthy balance. Of course, we should try to be mindful not to overdo it, but let’s not beat ourselves up about it if we do go a little overboard.

As we start to plan for the New Year it’s important that we don’t just focus on fitness for the sake of it, because without clear goals and thinking about why we are doing it, it’s much easier to let your regimen drop.

When you’ve identified your goals and the reasons behind them, ask yourself ‘what motivated you to set this as your goal and make this commitment to yourself?’ It might be for general wellbeing, both body and mind, or to drop a dress size, see muscle definition, get fitter, be healthier, or just to become the best version of you.

Whatever your why, remember it; see it in your mind and know that you will achieve it if you really want it. There will be moments along the journey where it will all feel too much, or perhaps that you’re not seeing the results you want. Keeping those initial targets in mind and remembering why you set out on the journey in the first place, will be key to maintaining your motivation.

As in any year, 2020 will bring challenges and at times, it may feel like those challenges may just beat you. But you have to keep going. Don’t let the idea of quitting enter your mind, stay strong, and fight for what it is that you want. The people who win in life are the ones who don’t give up!

Above all, stay positive. Negativity drains energy and keeps you from living in the present. The more we give in to our negative thoughts, the stronger they become. In no time, one small negative thought can turn into a huge, speeding ball of ugliness. On the contrary, a small positive thought can have the same effect blossoming into the outcome you desire and deserve.

So, after we’ve all enjoyed the festive fayre, let’s not get bogged down in calorie counting or living in regret – let’s refocus our fitness telescopes and look ahead to what the New Year will bring.

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