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Yoga Workouts By Daily Burn

Not sure what a chaturanga dandasana is?  You are not alone! Daily Burn is breaking down the barriers (and the moves) to achieving the long, lean yoga body fitness enthusiasts and beginners alike desire, with their newest app, Yoga Workouts by Daily Burn.

Today marks the launch of the second mobile app focused on a fitness vertical from Daily Burn, a leading destination for premium fitness content and expert video guidance.

Yoga Workouts by Daily Burn offers the look and feel of a one-on-one training experience with a personal trainer guiding members through every pose and personalized plans which can be completed anytime and anywhere no matter the fitness level.

After answering a few quick questions, members can expect personalized yoga routines delivered weekly.

These yoga routines take the work out of discovering a great workout and are designed to make members sweat their way to longer, leaner muscle.

Anyone can experience an introductory yoga workout for free or even sign up for a free trial to personalize your workouts.

To download Yoga Workouts by Daily Burn go to bit.ly/yogabydb.

“Yoga Workouts by Daily Burn recreates the knowledgeable and personalized experience one expects with an in-class yoga instructor, but without the price tag, complicated yoga terminology or scheduling complexity so there are very few barriers to get you moving on the mat,” said Amanda Kerpius, Daily Burn Yoga Instructor.

“Beyond the core benefits, features like Quick Resets and our welcoming in-app community make the experience of using the app something special and entirely unique.”

With Yoga Workouts by Daily Burn, members of every fitness level can deepen their practice and stay motivated with a fully-guided and personalized format. Other features include:

  • The feel of one-on-one personal training led by yoga experts.
  • Fully guided weekly training programs tailored to fitness goals.
  • Simplified key yoga poses and fundamentals so postures are easy to follow and flow. This breakdown helps users ensure they have the correct form, giving them a real workout.
  • Quick Resets, daily 3-5 minute dynamic stretches specially designed to reset mind and body in any setting.
  • A strong community of yoga lovers to Namaste and stay motivated together.
  • Users have the ability to find the perfect yoga workouts based on their mood that day, as part of the app’s Explore functionality.
  • Finally, Daily Burn yogis can track their progress through workout history and estimated calories burned, and even link their account to Apple Health.

In late 2018, the company launched HIIT Workouts by Daily Burn, a mobile app dedicated to High-Intensity Interval Training, and one of the few HIIT apps on the market that includes fully-guided video workouts led by expert trainers, personalized so that users can hit their workout moves efficiently, effectively and safely.

Daily Burn will be launching additional mobile apps throughout 2019, ensuring effective workouts for all styles.


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