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Cycle To Work Scheme: Ease Back Into Work This Autumn With An Electric Bike

WAU backs cycle to work initiative

Last updated on August 26th, 2021 at 08:53 AM

WITH more people returning to the workplace and summer holidays behind us, it’s a great time to consider signing up for a cycling to work scheme and WAU is one of the top British-based e-bike companies backing the initiative. 

Since being introduced by the government in 1999, cycle to work schemes have encouraged millions of employees to use a bike for their daily commute.

cycle to work scheme uk electric bikes

They work by helping employees spread the cost of a new bike and equipment in tax-free instalments through their employer – with near all schemes now including electric bikes.

Crystal Drury, co-founder of WAU, said: “We have recently received a large volume of enquiries about the cycle to work scheme and the added bonus is that you can save up to 50% on a brand-new WAU bike. 

“Getting involved in the scheme with us is really easy and you can claim your voucher by following a few simple steps.”

  1. Check with your employer to see if they are registered with a cycle to work scheme – or suggest that they sign up to one 
  2. Get a quote for your WAU bike and accessories from the team by using the contact form on the website
  3. Submit the quote to your employer who will apply to the cycle scheme for a voucher to cover the cost of your bike
  4. Submit your voucher – and you’ll receive your new discounted WAU Bike
  5. You pay your employer back in monthly instalments through payroll before you are taxed

WAU, which is currently the fastest selling smart, long-range e-bike across the UK, saw retail sales of the bikes – led by its flagship WAU X Plus brand – soar by more than 160% in the past year as the cycling craze took hold during the pandemic. 

Crystal added: “It’s fantastic to see more and more people being introduced to the world of e-bikes and falling in love with the quickly growing community, blissful ease and sheer speed of riding.

The great thing about the WAU bike is, unlike many high street brands, it features a large battery that can last twice as long taking all range anxiety away and further saving anywhere between £500-£1,000 on new battery expenses every few years.

“Riders can now also feel a very strong road presence with the bike’s state-of-the-art 360 lights, which helps them to claim their own space on the road to avoid accidents – combined with the anti-theft tracking – enjoy their journey when riding long distances, putting their mind at ease.”

For more information about WAU and the cycle to work scheme, please visit: