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Raise Your Game With Brand New Crazy Nutrition

Fit woman holds crazy nutrition supplement

Last updated on November 9th, 2022 at 12:08 PM

Are you ready to lift heavier, run further and achieve way beyond what you ever thought possible? Introducing Crazy Nutrition – a brand new supplement range with game-changing formulas and all-natural, premium ingredients.

Whether you’re hunting down a new PB, taking on your first endurance feat or looking for that extra one per cent, Crazy Nutrition’s simple and nutritional line of five core fitness supplements will be your kit bag must-have for 2022.

Crazy Nutrition is here to simplify sports nutrition, offering a core collection of effective, results-driven, hero products.  The sports nutrition space is confusing, the team have stripped it back working with nutritionists on the essential fitness supplements that truly make a difference to our bodies and workouts.

With a subscription model offering savings of 20% on all products and free, automatic shipping, Crazy Nutrition is your tailor-made, magic wand to achieve your fitness goals.

Unleash your potential with Crazy Nutrition’s Intensive Pre-Train. A pre-workout blend with 19 powerhouse ingredients for energy, focus and drive to achieve your best performance.

The vegetarian-friendly formula is made with active ingredients that get to work quickly, such as piperine – guaranteeing fast absorption so you can say goodbye to those dreaded jitters and stomach cramps.

With a precise recipe that doesn’t overdo it on the caffeine, plus premium ingredients such as Ashwaghandha to boost mood and create laser-focus. Available in three exotic flavours: Fruit Punch and Green Apple. RRP £39.99 / 500g

If building lean muscle and recovery is your goal,  100% Tri-Protein is a revolutionary protein formula made with six natural, non-GMO proteins.

Breaking down into three phases for more energy and strength than regular whey, hemp, or soy protein formulas, the unique formula helps you to lift heavier while still feeling fresh and continue reaping the benefits long after you’ve finished working out. No fillers, nor faff, each serving provides a whopping 21g of protein for optimum absorption and ultimate results. Vanilla and Salted Caramel. RRP £49.99 / 1kg (Subscription price: £39.99)

Athletes pushing boundaries need to look no further than Ultimate CRN-5; this formula is crafted with five types of creatine.

Added electrolytes help boost energy, support lean muscle mass, and maintain hydration. Available in two zesty flavours, it’s real a treat for the tastebuds. Lemon & Lime. RRP £34.99 / 330g (subscription £27.99)

Serious lifters ready to stack on muscle can level up with Mass Gainer, packed with 695 calories, 50g protein, and 100g clean carbs.

Premium ingredients, DigeZyme® to help digestion without stomach upset or bloating, Carb10® to help reduce sugar spikes, and AstraGin® to improve nutrient absorption.

Load on gains fast without causing erratic blood sugar spikes, gas, or bloating. Chocolate and Vanilla.  RRP £34.99 / 1kg (subscription £27.99)

Combine all three of Crazy Nutrition’s most popular products, Pre Train, Tri-Protein and Ultimate CRN-5, to make the Ultimate Fitness Stack for ultimate energy, stamina, muscle and focus. Just £114.97 and free shipping.

Developed with the mission of simplifying the supplement industry and bringing only the best quality products to fitness lovers worldwide, Crazy Nutrition is targeted at anyone who wants to achieve their fitness goals but doesn’t want to wade through thousands of products with similar promises and complicated messaging.

With a subscription model offering savings of 20% across all products and free, automatic shipping, Crazy Nutrition is tailored to suit your goals.

With a 60-day money-back guarantee, simply select how often you train and let Crazy Nutrition do the rest.

For more information about Crazy Nutrition, please visit / Facebook and Instagram