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Could Your Previous Relationship Be Impacting Your Current Shut Eye?

By David Saunders, Health Editor | UPDATED: 08:28, 08 July 2020

Do you spend, what feels like most the night, tossing and turning trying to get a good night’s sleep – with little success?

You may think it’s the stress of your current job, or the caffeine you’ve had throughout the day keeping you awake, but according to new research it could in fact be negative romantic relationship experiences in early adulthood, that might have some unexpected effects on your current sleep quality

With World Sleep Day on the horizon (15th March) when better to make small tweaks to your bedtime routine to help you have a blissful snooze?

1.       Wake up feeling rosy with Rosehip oil

To get in the mindset of a restful night’s sleep massage RosehipPLUS Nourishing Night Cream, 50ml (£12.46, Amazon) into your face. If you carry stress in your muscles, you may carry more of it in your face than you had thought.

Rubbing your face can release this tension, helping you rest better. The relaxing aromas, of cocoa seed butter, jojoba seed oil and shea butter, are sure to make you feel ready to hit the sheets, whilst also benefiting your skin by helping you achieve a youthful glow; improving skin elasticity and texture.

2.       Soothe yourself to sleep with self-massage

Although having someone else giving you a massage can feel like the ultimate treat and relaxation, you can also achieve similar results by giving yourself a massage.

Massage helps promote your body’s production of melatonin – the hormone that regulates your sleep cycle. Try the  brand new Shea Moisture Fruit Fusion Energizing Bath, Body & Massage Oil, £11.99. This fruity concoction with certified organic Shea butter, Coconut Water and a fusion of Dragon Fruit, Lychee Berry, Green Apple, Imbe Oil and Aloe will not only leave your skin smelling fruity and gorgeous but massaging this into your body can help you achieve your sleep goals.

3.       Opt for silk for a good night’s sleep

If you’ve spent most the night counting sheep in the hope of drifting off, it’s unlikely that you’ll feel your best the next day! To help you feel relaxed and ready to hit the sheets make sure you use the Hairburst Mulberry Silk Pillow£34.99,

Not only is this a great solution for keeping that bed head under control, but its smooth texture helps to retain moisture, prevent sleep creases, reduce puffiness and can also aid rosacea due to its soft surface.

4.       Don’t ignore your gut health

They don’t call it the ‘second brain’ for nothing. The relationship between the digestive system and a person’s psychological state is commonly referred to as the “Gut Brain” Axis and essentially, the health of our gut bacteria can influence feelings of anxiety and general wellbeing.

To support normal gut function, helping you to feel more relaxed before bedtime, try LQ Digestive Care 50ml liquid supplement (£29.99, Boots). A daily shot of LQ Liquid Health Digestive Care includes carefully formulated ingredients, such as peppermint oil to help speed up digestion, ginger to support the body’s defense and immune system and marine collagen to support the cells in your gut lining.

5.       Secure your hair for a peaceful sleep

To prevent night sweats and your hair tickling you in the night try the brand new Only Curls Satin Hair Turban (£15.00,, for a more peaceful night’s sleep. Your hair will thank you for it too! Ideal for keeping curls perfectly in place whilst you sleep, this sleek satin turban has a cute bow at the front for the ultimate in slumber style.

6.       Ditch the dry mouth

Dryness of the mouth can often occur at night and can not only cause serious discomfort but also a bitter taste, as well as bad breath due to the mucus membranes drying out.

Try taking a Grether’s Pastille before bed to help prevent dry mouth occurring, through stimulating your saliva. Grether’s Pastilles are available in four deliciously intense fruity flavours, including blackcurrant, elderflower, blueberry and red currants.

Each flavour is available as traditional or sugar free in 60g tin (£3.99), 110g tin (£5.99), 440g tin (£19.99) or 100g refill pouch (£4.23) from

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