Chipotle Launches Lifestyle Bowls


Chipotle have announced the launch of a new collection of Lifestyle Bowls, making it even easier to design your meal to suit your healthier lifestyle choice, or training regime.

The new line includes a Keto Salad Bowl, Protein Pump Bowl, Vegetarian Bowl, and Vegan Bowl, which are now available at all seven Chipotle restaurants in London.

These diet-driven menu offerings are helping those who have committed to living a healthier lifestyle by making it easy to order delicious bowls that only contain the real ingredients permitted by certain diet regimens.

"Now more than ever, our customers are embracing new and varied approaches to healthy living and wellness," said Jacob Sumner, operations director, Chipotle in Europe. "We've watched guests custom create lifestyle-specific bowls when ordering in our restaurants, so are now making it even easier to order bowls with real ingredients that fit their wellness goals."

The full ingredient make-up of the new Lifestyle Bowls is available below.

  • Keto Salad Bowl: Romaine lettuce, carnitas (shredded pork), red salsa, cheese and guacamole.

  • Protein Pump Bowl:Romaine lettuce, bown rice, pinto beans, double chicken, mild salsa, cheese.

  • Vegetarian Bowl:Brown rice, pinto beans, fajita veggies, mild salsa, corn, soured cream, guacamole

  • Vegan Bowl:Brown rice, black beans, braised tofu, mild salsa, corn.

Your goals, our bowls.

Now available at all Chipotle restaurants in London.