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Children’s Outdoor Exercise On The Rise Amid Lockdown


Last updated on April 24th, 2021 at 08:20 PM

A NEW POLL of 2,000 British parents for Black Mountain, the company behind the world’s most advanced kids’ bikes, reveals that outdoor exercise is experiencing an unexpected surge in popularity among young children during the UK’s ‘lockdown’ to fight the spread of COVID-19.

The release of the new poll follows the UK government’s most recent announcement that people can do ‘unlimited’ exercise outdoors and even drive to areas of natural beauty to get active.

The research conducted during the lockdown quizzed a sample of parents with children aged 3 to 14 located across the UK about their attitudes towards outdoor activities and exercise.

The poll is part of a larger study on how the coronavirus lockdown is impacting outdoor exercise and activities for families.

89 per cent of children eager to do outdoor exercise

With most children now spending more time at home than ever before, the poll reveals that almost 9 in 10 (or 89 per cent of) parents believe that their children are currently eager to do outdoor exercise such as cycling, jogging, walking and nature trails.

Of those parents who said that their children are showing notable interest in physical outdoor pursuits, 59 per cent claimed that their children are ‘very interested’ in outdoor exercise.

This finding contrasts with studies published in the months prior to the lockdown, including research published by Bristol University in November 2019* warning that Primary School children are becoming more in-active with each year that passes.

“With children cooped up at home due to the coronavirus restrictions, physical outdoor exercise such as cycling is more important than ever to help families protect their physical and mental health.

Getting active outside can improve cardiovascular and muscle health, and can have unexpected health benefits for the body and mind, such as decreased stress levels and improved attention span, sleep and vitamin D levels,” comments Andy Lloyd, Founder of Black Mountain Bikes.

Launched in 2018, Black Mountain Bikes, the world’s most advanced kids’ bikes, are the brainchild of engineer and entrepreneur Andy Lloyd.

After struggling to find good bikes for his kids, utilising his experience as a motorsports engineer, Andy spent the best part of a decade designing and creating a range of bikes for children that are safe, lightweight, and most importantly, that grow in size as children develop their cycling skills and get bigger.

4 in 5 parents ‘confident’ with children doing physical activity outdoors 

According to the poll, 82 per cent of parents are ‘confident’ with their children going outside in the current environment for active pursuits including cycling, walking and jogging.

With children across the country currently in lockdown, the survey asked parents to rate the activities they’d be most confident in their children doing outdoors.

Cycling topped the poll with 35 per cent, followed by walking (29 per cent), wildlife trails (25 percent), jogging (20 percent) and climbing (16 per cent).

However, the results also show that 1 in 5 parents may be unclear on the social distancing rules when it comes to outdoor exercise.

21 percent stated that they would feel ‘confident’ in taking their children to the local playground with other families or to have a picnic in a local hotspot.

“Family cycling is a great lockdown activity that is being actively encouraged by the UK and other European governments – but is important to follow the latest local rules and advice on social distancing whilst you’re cycling with your family.” added Lloyd

4 in 5 unable to size a child’s bike correctly 

Although cycling is currently the most popular outdoor activity for families, the study also suggests that many parents are less confident when it comes to their ability to fit a child’s bike, with 80 per cent unable to do so properly. Poorly fitted bikes can lead to a lack of confidence in children, poor performance, less enjoyment and an increased likelihood of accidents.

By contrast, Black Mountain have a unique approach to the sizing kids bikes.

To solve the problem, Black Mountain has developed a collection of children’s bikes with a unique adjustable frame that grows in size as children age and develop their cycling skills.

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