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Blok London Calisthenics Masterclass with Keith Hahn

Blok and Hahn see a wider story around Calisthenics trying to increase the awareness around the concept as well as to educate individuals on how Calisthenics can be utilised as a tool to improve natural strength and conditioning, overall fitness and mental determination.

“Calisthenics is the foundation for all functional movement and strength and conditioning training. Over the years, I have used it as the main fitness method to improve all aspects of my life (mentally and physically) to become the best version of myself. Now I am on a quest to teach and pass this on to others who come to BLOK”

— Keith Hahn

Some of you may not have come across Calisthenics, well the long and short of it is is that it’s an arm of functional training that sits inbetween strength and conditioning training methods that allows an individual to use body weight exercises to achieve full muscle recruitment/engagement (controlled movement) within a full range of motion.

Calisthenics is also about developing a mind set to push your normal mental and physical thresholds beyond comfortable levels, using your movement at full capacity with no wasted energy.

The beauty of Calisthenics is that it also one of the most portable exercise methods around, its basic movements can be performed anywhere with no required exercise equipment.

BLOK’s Calisthenics workshop with Keith Hahn will give you comprehensive training on how to utilize your body weight to build the fundamentals for the following: pull up, press up, squat, lunge, dynamic core movement and handstand.

So not only will you be able to improve your physical attributes through repetition and sweat but you will also be able to develop your focus resulting in stress release and improved confidence.

Fancy joining us down there this Saturday?

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