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Burnout Banishing Lunches From Pret, M&S and More!

By David Saunders | UPDATED: 07:28, 17 January 2020

Rosie Millen (, specialises in burnout and helping others transform their energy by making changes to their diet, lifestyle and mindset.

Rosie has been living with Burnout since 2014, when she collapsed one day in the park. Rosie stayed in bed for 3 months, she couldn’t move, couldn’t talk and at her worst she couldn’t lift her head off the pillow.

This was rock bottom for Rosie – “I thought I was never going to be me again.” Rosie managed to get herself to the doctors one day but all of the tests came back as “normal” and Rosie was diagnosed as depressed and given antidepressants – “I burst into tears because I wasn’t depressed at all, I was just completely exhausted.”

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Rosie Millen

Rosie continued to rest and sleep but she wasn’t improving. From her educational background, she knew about the adrenal glands and how stress can affect energy, so Rosie began testing herself and filling out a number of symptom questionnaires – “it became pretty clear I had burnout.” Rosie’s life finally did a 180 after changing her diet, lifestyle, mind-set and exercise regime. Today Rosie is about 90% recovered. “My energy is back and I’m living my life with a new and improved perspective.” 

How To Spot Burnout:

  1. “You find small tasks challenging”

  2. “You wake up even after a good night’s sleep and still feel tired”

  3. “Social interactions feel like a chore”

  4. “You’ve lost your drive and motivation”

  5. “You snap at the tiniest thing”

Rosie’s picks from your typical lunchtime liaisons –

First of all…

Increase your calories! Most people I see are not eating enough and they are over exercising. Ladies you need to be ingesting 2000 calories per day. Please remember that food in is energy in!”

Pret crayfish and avocado salad with a tomato soup


Opt for any of their protein-based salads with a soup, for example I really like the crayfish and avocado salad with a tomato soup! They also do gluten free bread with smashed avocado! So you can add that if you are hungry.

I love the super nutty wholefood salad. It’s such a yummy combination of protein and crunch. It’s got quinoa, beans, carrot, almonds and pistachio. Add some additional chicken breast slices if you are working out that day or particularly tired!

Pure is my favourite food chain! The array of nutrient dense dishes is superb. Their hot boxes and deli pots have a great combination of proteins, fats and carbs and they’re high in nutrients. The sweet potato gobi has a great mix of these and is suitable for vegetarians and vegans!

Itsu mixed sashimi pot

Their mixed sashimi pot is packed with protein plus they also have vegan sushi, which caters for the plant-based eaters.  Also good are the edamame beans and miso soup.


I love the options in Crussh, their smoothies and juices are particularly good. They make very good healthy desserts, which are not too large or overpriced. Their banoffee pot is both raw and vegan – its made with banana, dates and almond butter on a pecan and almond crumb – yum!


Any of their protein pots and soups are good! Their coconut and quinoa porridge is delicious and not too heavy.

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