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It’s Ok If You Can’t Touch Your Toes!

As part of their mission to bring affordable yoga to more people, MoreYoga has partnered with Broga to offer classes that are specially tailored to men.

Yoga is a typically female fitness pursuit so to help redress the balance, MoreYoga will be offering the classes at four of their 23 studios across London from 1st April, with a view to rolling out across the whole estate later this year.

With more male sport stars and celebrities taking up yoga-like Tom Brady, Robert Downey Jr. and Justin Trudeau – men are starting to realise that it is a method worth paying attention to. What’s more, even though it’s designed with men in mind, women are also welcome to attend the sessions.

Broga, which stands for ‘Brotherly Yoga’ is fitness plus yoga which stretches and lengthens the muscles whilst also building strength and correct alignment.

A Broga class is designed around sets and reps which repeat multiple times so the body has time to open-up and become more mobile.

Classes build in difficulty, so participants always have a place to work from, rather than just watching people do things they cannot because of limited flexibility.


“Many men worry that yoga is not for them because they aren’t naturally flexible,” says Broga founder Matt Miller, “but flexibility is not a prerequisite for yoga and especially not for Broga’s version of yoga.

Broga classes are energetic, and challenging combining core-strengthening and muscle-toning postures with functional fitness exercises for a powerful workout.

We are really excited to be offering our classes at MoreYoga further complementing their vast array of sessions.”

Charles Balogh, instructor at MoreYoga is keen for the partnership to support male mental health; “Yoga has mental as well as physical benefits and we hope the partnership with Broga will help more men to feel better inside as well as out. With April being Stress Awareness Month it’s the perfect time to launch these classes.”

Broga will run at MoreYoga Brixton, Finsbury Park, Soho and Hackney:

For further information on Broga, please visit https://www.broga.com/ , or to book a MoreYoga Broga class, go online at https://www.moreyoga.co.uk/broga-yoga-for-strength/