Brand New Research Confirms Taking vitamin C prior to a workout may have recovery benefits


Ingesting vitamin C, before a single bout of exercise “increases antioxidant power in blood and appears to mitigate the exercise-induced increase in superoxide dismutase activity” wrote researchers from Chiang Mai University. Where superoxide dismutase activity is a marker of stress in the body- they found this activity was suppressed when participants ingested vitamin C. This could mean good news for the gym bunnies out there that find their workouts limited when they’re muscles are under stress! Our experts are on hand to recommend their tips for optimising your workout and recovery.

C what all the fuss is about (Vitamin C that is…)

The UK’s leading nutritionist and author of Fat around the Middle, Dr Marilyn Glenville ( explains, “Vitamin C is one of the most important vitamins which is essential for optimum health and the efficient functioning of the many different systems in the body”. As well as the potential to aid recovery after exercise, Vitamin C is a great way to boost your feelings of wellbeing. Try NHP Vitamin C support (RRP £16.78 for vitamin C that is easily assimilated by the body and allows for maximum absorption and effectiveness.

 Combine your Vitamin C with Iron

If you’re now feeling inspired to include more vitamin C in your day, why not combine this with your intake of iron! Vitamin C helps maximise iron absorption whereby iron contributes to the metabolism of energy and contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. This vitamin- combination could create the ultimate workout and leave you feeling fabulous pre and post-workout!

Top tip: If you have checked with your GP and you are lacking in iron, you can top up your iron levels with 
Natures Plus Hema-Plex (£15.50,, a gluten free blood supporting formula that provides high-potency iron in an organically bound form.

Try incorporating Yoga into your regime

Founder of Phantai, Adriana Salazar Marcano, ( explains how Yoga can enhance a healthy lifestyle including recovery. “Not all yoga is slow and gentle; there are multiple yoga styles and some of them can push your edges and make you work really hard. Benefits of yoga include; avoiding injuries or recovering from a previous one by improving flexibility and reducing tightness and strains in the muscles, practicing yoga gives a better awareness of the body so you can recognize how to move in a safe way while practicing yoga and other sports, feeling more active and empowered by focusing the mind and challenging the body. Practicing yoga can be more challenging than it looks like and once you move deeper into the practice you’ll notice it is about creating a connection; to ourselves, to our bodies, to our minds and to our lives”.

Phantai have a range of premium Mandala yoga mat’s (RRP £80, that support personal development, inner connection and a peaceful way of living. These Eco-friendly Phantai mats are available in a number of colours and are made with Natural Rubber and Non-toxic materials so it’s great for you as well as the Planet.

Take some time to unwind

After your optimised workout you’ll hopefully be feeling restful and taking time to recover! However, if you’re having trouble with stress and/or sleep (these two so often combine in a worrying cycle) CBD oil could help. Nutritional therapist Fiona Lawson working in collaboration with CannabiGold ( explains “The Cannabis sativa plant, from which CBD is extracted, has been used medicinally for thousands of years. In fact, records suggest that it was a valued pain reliever in ancient China. Today, modern science is uncovering how CBD (cannabidiol) can help to support the body. CBD can improve sleep- clinical research has found that taking CBD oil at bedtime can alleviate insomnia and help people sleep for longer. What’s more, it doesn’t create the ‘sleep hangover’ effect that’s typical of many sleeping pills”.

Fiona recommends CannabiGold (RRP £29.90, as a good choice of CBD oil- “CannabiGold is a good choice for two reasons. Firstly, its unique extraction method means that it’s able to draw the cannabidiol from the Cannabis sativa plant without the use of any questionable chemicals or solvents. Secondly, CannabiGold are committed to rigorous testing to check both the strength and the purity of their products. Many other manufacturers don’t have such strict standards, which means their formulations can be both weaker and more contaminated than their product labels let on”.