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2022 Will See The Biggest Celebrity Boxing Event Will Be Coming To The O2

Boxstar announces a stellar celebrity boxing event at The O2 Arena in April. The biggest event of its kind, the stadium will play host to a glittering lineup of seasoned athletes and hopeful reality stars who’ll do battle in the ring.

Boxstar, the brainchild of CEO Stefan Maciejewski and Managing Director Darren Lamb, has seen success with similar events across the country.

Now, for the first time, Boxstar will dominate London with its biggest night of celebrity boxing to date.

“Boxstar is special. We stage fights that others simply can’t,” says Stefan Maciejewski.

“In London, we’re hosting the heaviest heavyweight fight ever, over 50 stone of muscle, between Martyn Ford and The Iranian Hulk.

We stage the biggest events at the biggest venues, setting records and creating fights that will go down in history.”

Bodybuilders and strongmen transitioning to combat sports have become a common theme in recent years as celebrity boxing continues to gain popularity.

Sporting fans will be champing at the bit to see the likes of international rugby’s Keegan Hirst and beloved pundits like Jamie O’Hara in the ring. 

But Boxstar also specialises in matching household names. Your favourite reality stars including; Love Islanders and Real Housewives, such as Jack Fincham and Ester Dee will also step into the ring to test their mettle, and there can be only one winner. 

“Professional Boxing will always be special but the rise of social media means other opportunities arise to get celebrities going head to head and boxing is one of those sports that take participants to a new level.

Social media allows us to share the journey and for anyone to enjoy an event like this and get into boxing.” says Darren Lamb, Managing Director.  

There will also be a host of celebrity attendees with the likes of Marcus Rashford in attendance ringside at previous Boxstar events.

The red carpet at the O2 will be lit up to welcome London’s finest on the night. 

Boxstar London Tournament, Saturday, 02 April 2022 – Tickets