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‘Bottleshot’ Turns Down The Heat Bringing That Famous New Orleans Coffee Taste To The UK

Female-run, Bottleshot Cold Brew Coffee has landed in the UK and is on a mission to bring New Orleans-quality cold brew coffee to the nation the way it should be; full of flavour, full-bodied, ethical, no additives and with a clean caffeine kick. Cold brew coffee the New Orleans way. 

Taking inspiration from its founders’ hometown, New Orleans, ‘Bottleshot’ offers a cold brew, ready-to-drink coffee that’s “unapologetically simple”.

Using Rainforest Alliance Certified Arabica beans sourced from Brazil and Colombia, Bottleshot offers two types of canned coffees, each with a base of just three ingredients.

Whilst most on-the-go coffees are made from multiple ingredients, additives and often sugars to create their flavour profiles, Bottleshot’s signature ‘Coffee Black’ consists of just three; cold coffee, water and chicory extract.

The latter bringing that smooth New Orleans taste. By adding just one more ingredient – oat milk – the brand’s latest offering, ‘Coffee Oat Milk’, was born. 

Unlike many cold coffees, instead of roasting coffee beans Bottleshot steeps its ethically sourced beans in cold water for almost 24 hours.

This process not only creates a smoother, stronger energy kick – one can is as strong as two espresso shots – but also means it has 60% less acidity than regular coffee, creating a cleaner flavour profile that’s also kind to your gut. 

Bottleshot’s two signature flavours are available online and direct from Bottleshot, at Amazon Prime, Whole Foods and Ocado.

It can also be found at all Soho House venues across the UK, where it is the exclusive cold-brew provider. 

Cold Brew Coffee Black 12-pack @ £26.99

Bold Coffee | Smooth Energy | Simple Ingredients

Unapologetically simple with an extended brew time that allows all of the right flavours to be extracted from the coffee that you miss out on when flash heated.

The result? A higher quality coffee that’s full-bodied, smooth, and naturally flavourful. 

The freshly ground 100% Rainforest Alliance arabica beans are brewed low and slow for nearly 24 hours in cool filtered water, and that’s it.

A can of Cold Brew Coffee Black contains 195mg of caffeine (about the same as a double shot of espresso), the perfect caffeine kick that doesn’t leave you with the jitters. 

Cold Brew Coffee Oat Milk 12-pack @ £27.60

Dairy-free | No added sugar | Real coffee taste

Introducing the right balance of nutty and naturally sweet notes to the original cold brew, simply with a dash of oat milk.

Cold Brew Oat Milk has slightly less caffeine, 170 mg. The flavour isn’t excessively sweet and doesn’t have the synthetically milk-shake like texture of other coffee drinks.

Instead, expect a perfectly balanced, refreshing and super tasty drink for when you fancy something a little sweeter – without any added sugar and naturally dairy-free. 

The perfect way to try out the ultimate New Orleans cold brew coffee experience. 2 Coffees: 1 Black Coffee + 1 Coffee with Oat milk, each is full of bold flavour, smooth energy and simple ingredients. 


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