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A Powerful and Effective New Digital Intermittent Fasting Tool Comes On To The Tech Scene

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Last updated on February 12th, 2022 at 06:21 PM

Healthcare company Bongomi, have announced the launch of the InFasting App, a powerful new tool helping users with weight control and management.

Following overindulgence in lockdown, now is the perfect time to establish a new healthy eating routine to have you feeling better than ever with the intermittent fasting Infasting app.

With many A-list celebrity fans, the base for intermittent fasting is that you take a break from eating in varying periods. But with today’s modern lifestyles, it can be difficult to stay on keep track of fasting periods.

Enter the InFasting App, a smart app that reminds you of your fasting window and tracks your weight changes to unlock a healthier lifestyle.  

Intermittent fasting provides many health benefits, such as increased metabolic rates due to lower insulin levels and increased growth hormone levels and reducing bad LDL cholesterol, blood triglycerides, inflammation markers, blood sugar, and insulin resistance – all risk factors for heart disease.

The app provides a personalized fasting plan that helps users form healthier eating habits and reach their goals faster and effectively. There are fourteen different fasting plans available based on your body, all providing smart and flexible tracking.

Users can also track meals and get insights with the in-app nutrition course to reach goals faster and effectively. The company will be rolling out more plans later this year.

Adam Lou, the CEO of Bongmi, the company behind the InFasting app, comments: “We know how hard this year has been, and for many, it has meant that health and fitness goals have been put on the backburner.

For those keen to get back on track, intermittent fasting is a proven way to lose weight and improve health. 

“We created the InFasting app to help those following intermittent fasting to track progress and provide help and support for those with busy lifestyles. The app provides personalised plans to keep users on course for long-lasting results and to leave them feeling better than ever.”

The app has both a free and premium version. In the UK, premium plans costs are £9.99 monthly, £14.49 quarterly, or £29.49 annually.

You can download the app via the app store: InFasting App,