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Plant-Based Bodyhero Packed With All The Protein You Could Wish For

Finally, the compromise between having something that’s good for your tastebuds, health, and the planet is over.

Because Bodyhero — the latest challenger brand in the functional nutrition & snacking markets— announced the launch of a range of premium, 100% natural, clean-label, plant-based, high protein, high fibre and low sugar products.

Launched in January 2021, Bodyhero came just in time to help bring in a new, healthy year.

These protein-packed, plant-based products will be a welcome addition alongside the 1 million+ people who have signed up for the Veganuary campaign, and everyone starting their new year resolutions with a health kick after the Christmas indulgence.

Whether you’re a vegan, flexitarian, gym junkie, or anything far and in between—Bodyhero is for everyone and believes in everyone.

Harnessing the power of nature and credibility of science, Bodyhero products were designed to fulfill a gap in the plant-based market: crafting plant-based protein goodness that is cleaner, simpler, tastier and easier to access.

What separates Bodyhero from other plant-based protein products is not only its specialty-crafted attention to taste, but also its carefully curated blend of Bodyhero ingredients from some of the best growing regions in the world.

The unique recipes are amongst the most advanced on the market today, yet are composed of simple, plant-based nutrition products.

Every ingredient is meticulously and sustainably sourced from the most premium growing regions in the world, all while being grounded by safe and proven scientific rationale.

Each serving is formulated with a consistent 20g of the highest quality plant-based protein from Golden and Yellow Split Peas, and high-quality fibre from chicory root, helping you stay fuller for longer, aiding in muscle recovery and much more.

It’s about time there’s a guilt-free, convenient nutrition that has everyone feeling like their body’s hero.

Simplifying it to Something Digestible

Despite the craving for healthy snacks that has disrupted the market, only 20% of consumers feel they deliver on taste (according to a survey of over 2000 consumers carried out by Harris Interactive in April 2020). 

Bodyhero products have solved this problem, by finding the optimal balance of maximum taste and functionality—something that most plant-based products have struggled with, as they add too many supplementary ingredients and “superfoods”, that end up becoming anything but super because of their small quantities, and ultimately poorly impacting taste.

That’s why Bodyherowas designed with taste first, all while having no misleading ingredients or false health claims, so it tastes as good as it makes you feel.

Next to Bodyhero’s commitment to quality taste is their promise of quality, health ingredients.

With most people failing to consume the average recommended 30g of fibre per day, there’s a growing awareness of gut health in the population as a whole (British Nutrition Foundation).

Fibre is critical to a healthy gut, and a high fibre diet can help with weight management, improve skin health, reduce cholesterol, lower the risk for heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and may even help prevent colon cancer.

That’s why Bodyhero has been purposefully designed to help make it easy and tasty to get this key health component, by delivering up to 44% of the daily recommended fibre content in just one serving (depending on product), through inclusion of natural chicory root fibre.

Fibre isn’t the only important nutrient helping put Bodyhero products at the top of the shelf for health. The products provide the full spectrum of all 9 essential amino acids and are rich in naturally occurring BCAA’s, Glutamine and Leucine.

Bodyhero products have no misleading ingredients or health claims, just clean-label ingredients free from:

  1. Dairy
  2. Lactose
  3. Soy
  4. Gluten
  5. Wheat
  6. Carrageenans
  7. Palm Oil
  8. GMOs
  9. Artificial Flavours & Colourings
  10. Fillers
  11. Binders
  12. Anti-foaming Agents

In addition, they are Registered by the Vegan Society, are being tested by Informed Sport, and regularly tested for heavy metal, allergens and contaminants.

And to even further their commitment to an upmost quality plant-based experience, Bodyhero products have been designed to be as allergen free as possible so that anyone and everyone can enjoy delicious tasting plant-based nutrition. 

Speaking of the company’s recent announcement, Bodyhero Co-Founder—and band member of Coldplay— Guy Berryman said,

“Plant-based protein is a rapidly growing space and I’m excited for people to try our innovative products.”

Bodyhero Managing Director, and former Product & Fitness Director of Virgin Active Health Clubs, Andy Birch shares the excitement and commented,

“We saw a gap in the market to make plant-based protein products cleaner, simpler, better tasting and more accessible.

There is a joy in simplicity. Our products deliver everything you need, include nothing you don’t, and with zero compromise on taste.

They are unique in satisfying the 3 key nutritional requirements that people are looking for right now in being high in protein, low in sugar and high in fibre, as well as being plant-based, natural, free from, delivered straight to your door, and most importantly delicious!”


The initial range will comprise of the following SKU’s (with additional flavours to follow), and are available to purchase via fantastic value monthly subscriptions, a range of bundles, and one-time purchases at www.bodyhero.com


12 x 64g Duo Bars – 2 x 32g pieces per bar with 10g protein, 6.5g fibre and less than 1g sugar