Bleeding gums is a sign of gum disease…but here is how CURAPROX can help


Did you know that by using a toothbrush, you can only remove up to 70% of the plaque on your teeth? A standard toothbrush was not created to reach in the gaps between teeth; this is where the other 30% of daily plaque and debris hides.

The better the teeth are cleaned and maintained, the lower you are at risk of developing any form of gum disease…Poor oral hygiene is caused by the build-up of bacterial plaque on teeth– grooves between the teeth and gums are, in particular, at risk of developing infections and inflammation. An indication that you need to clean your teeth better is with the occasional bleeding around individual teeth. If you find yourself bleeding when flossing, then you are most likely to have onset gum disease – blood comes from the inflammation caused by plaque. Plaque must be removed otherwise gums will not be able to heal; this is possible by using a toothbrush supported with oral hygiene cleaning aids. 

This is where CURAPROX steps in…CURAPROX interdental brushes have been specifically designed to fit in between these small gaps between teeth, where a normal toothbrush cannot safely, gently and easily or efficiently remove plaque from even the tiniest gaps. Working together with your normal toothbrush, a CURAPROX interdental brush will result in 100% clean teeth.

Made up of small bristled heads, available in different sizes dependent on the size of the gaps to clean, the CURAPROX interdental brushes can be worked around the whole mouth, by gently moving the brush (in one movement) in gaps between your teeth, once in and back out, for 100% guaranteed clean teeth.

Not only are the CURAPROX interdental brushes great for our oral health, but they are also great for the environment!

Helping to reduce our plastic waste in the environment, CURAPROX interdental brushes are designed as a unique two-piece system – a lifetime handle and a replaceable tip – so why throw the whole brush away? For a 100% smile – reuse, replace and reduce!

The CURAPROX CS 5460 and CPS interdental brushes are the perfect team to clean 100% of your teeth and create a gorgeous, healthy smile.

Available in two sizes; Prime Plus and Prime Handy.

August Edition

August Edition