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The Best Outdoor Games To Play This Summer

Best outdoor games

Last updated on August 16th, 2022 at 04:20 PM

Online gaming platform Yahtzee Craze collaborated with London-based PT and fitness expert Anthony Mayatt to reveal the best outdoor games to play in the sun this Summer. 

With over 18 years of experience in the health and fitness industry, Anthony runs regular outdoor bootcamps for adults, for them to be able to unwind and “feel like kids again”, while being able to get some exercise done.  

“Each class has a huge amount of enjoyment and clients always come back for more.” adds Mr Mayatt.  

  1. Cone turn 

Equipment – 30-50 cones 

“In this game, people are split in 2 teams of equal numbers, and everyone is spread over the exercise area. Half of the people have their cones turned upside down and the other half have their cone the right way up.” explains PT Mayatt. 

“The goal is for each team to try and turn all upside-down cones the right way up, and vice versa.” 

This game is always a lot of fun and brings out a little competitiveness as the losing team normally has a small forfeit exercise. Also, the game is continuous so it is generally about which team can be the quickest. 

Cone turn is suitable to all ages and fitness levels. However, people with lower back issues might prefer to avoid it, as there is lots of bending down whilst running, and this might create discomfort and pain.  

  1. Head, Shoulders, Knees, Toes, and Cone! 

 Equipment – One cone per pair (or any other similar object) 

 “In this game, people must get into pairs and place a cone on the ground. Then, each person must take one big step backwards whilst still facing the cone. At this point of the game, every person starts running around the exercise area until the coach shouts ‘Head, shoulders, knees and toes!’.” explains Anthony. 

“The participants must touch these areas whilst still running. As soon as the command cone is yelled, the teams must run and try to grab their cones. The first team to grab their cones, is the winner and gets awarded a point.” 

The game is repeated for a set number of rounds. 

This is by far one of the most popular games to play as it is simple, it keeps you moving and works your brain so improve reaction time, agility, and movement. 

  1. Card Game 

Equipment – A large pack of playing cards  
“This is by far the most popular game and one of the most requested ones during my bootcamps.” explains PT Mayatt.  

In this game, the coach chooses 10-15 exercises and writes them on every card in the deck repeating each exercise a few times.  

The coach then shuffles the pack, and each player randomly chooses cards with exercises that they must complete. Each time a joker gets picked, you can have fun choosing either a forfeit exercise or nominate someone else to do an exercise. If you pick a face card (Jack, Queen, or King) then you must perform more repetitions. 

Mayatt adds: “This is a great game for health, strength, and flexibility, due to its variety, and the fact you can choose exercises to match specific individual goals.” 

“You can do this game for a set time or randomly select a few cards from the deck and stop once they are completed.” 

  1. Steal 

Equipment – 30-50 cones 

“To start, the coach places all the cones together in the same area, then spreads the participants around it evenly, at an equal distance.” 

“The game last for 1 minute and the goal is to be the person who collects the most cones by the end of it. However, there is a twist.” notes PT Anthony.  

“Each person can only collect 1 cone at a time, but they can either go to the middle to collect one from the pile or go to steal one from another participant’s area.” 

“This is certainly the funniest game. In addition, it is also great for all fitness levels and boosts mental health. You are doing a high-intensity exercise without thinking you are doing so.” 

PT Anthony Mayatt adds: “These games are great and accessible to most people, as they only require a set of cones or a pack of cards and allow people to work out and have fun at the same time.  

As adults we tend to focus on working out at the gym or go for a run. Something that feels like exercise. But what’s best than exercising whilst having fun?” 

A spokesperson for Yahtzee Craze comments:  

“Playing games of all sorts, from online games to fitness games, is a great way to unwind and escape reality for a bit.  

Whilst outdoor group games are great for socialising and working out at the same time (whilst having fun), solo games are great for improving strategic thinking and problem solving: a great way to spend some of your free time!” 

The study was conducted by Yahtzee Craze, an online gaming platform for the popular dice game.