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Bannatyne York Manager Wins Big At World Championships

Ben gibson world bench press championship

Last updated on June 12th, 2023 at 09:43 PM

The manager of the Bannatyne health club in York has secured a 5th-place finish at the World Bench Press Championships in South Africa.

Ben Gibson’s journey to the World Bench Press Championship began in 2020 when he decided to start powerlifting during lockdown increasing his weight every week.

He participated in smaller regional events until his remarkable victory at the British Bench Press Championship in March 2023, where his exceptional performance caught the attention of the national selectors. His win at the British Championship earned him the opportunity to represent his country on the global stage.

His progression from a gym-goer to athlete to health club manager is proven by his commitment and unwavering determination.

He joined the Bannatyne Health Club in York at the age of 16 as a member and later secured a position at the health club’s front desk at the age of 18. When he was 25, he was made general manager of the York health club.

Ben Gibson, who is 26 years old, said “Participating in the World Bench Press Championship has been a fantastic experience and I’m proud that the health club I manage has played such an important part in allowing me to reach such a high level. The support of colleagues and members has been amazing, and I can’t wait to see what’s next!

“I’m now focused on breaking the British record of 245.5kg and I’m looking forward to continuing my training towards this throughout the year!”

Duncan Bannatyne, chairman and chief executive of the Bannatyne Group, said “Hats off to Ben, it’s always brilliant to see what our team can achieve and Ben is a real inspiration to his members. I’m looking forward to hearing all about his record-breaking endeavours!”