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Belgian Chocolate That Is ‘OHSO’ Good For Gut Health

By Lorraine Kelly, Nutrition Editor | UPDATED: 08:28, 29 May 2020

Ohso has been specially created to offer consumers an irresistible and portion-controlled daily dose of chocolate that delivers over one billion live bacteria to the gut to keep it healthy.

Introducing Ohso, an award-winning probiotic chocolate that offers consumers a tasty, tummy-loving and low-calorie daily treat. Ohso chocolate (available from £4.99 per pack, is suitable for vegetarians and is also gluten-free, nut safe and free from added dairy. 

Ohso chocolate has been carefully crafted using high quality dark Belgian chocolate. Each bar is microencapsulated with over a billion live cultures (commonly known as probiotics) in every bar.

Studies have shown that probiotics help to balance the friendly bacteria in the gut which promotes digestive health and boosts the immune system.

Probiotics are commonly associated with dairy products, however an independent study, conducted by the University of Ghent, has shown that by using their unique encapsulation process, Ohso chocolate can deliver live bacteria to the gut 3 times more effectively when compared to dairy products.

The Ohso chocolate range includes four delectable flavours that are made using the finest quality, and sustainably sourced ingredients. There are two original flavours – Ohso Dark (54% cocoa) and Ohso orange (54% cocoa) as well as two no added sugar variants – Ohso Dark (70% cocoa) and Ohso Raspberry (70% cocoa).

Sold in packs of x7 13.5g individually wrapped bars, Ohso provides a daily dose of portion-controlled, gut-friendly chocolate. The packs can also be purchased via the Ohso monthly subscription service which delivers chocolate in packs of either x4 (£15.90 per month) or x8 (£29.50 per month) straight through the letter box each month.

Additionally, Ohso also offer a variety of gift boxes so that their customers can share their Ohso chocolate love with friends and family!

The Ohso chocolate collection: 

Ohso dark 54% cocoa: the Ohso signature bar includes the finest Belgian chocolate and a hint of vanilla for a classic and refined palate.

Ohso orange 54% cocoa bar: bursting with flavour, this bar contains the iconic pairing of the chocolate with fresh, fragrant orange. Using only natural flavouring, the orange bar is a seriously citrusy and smooth, sweet treat! 

Ohso dark 70% cocoa ‘no added sugar’: A healthier option to Ohso’s original bar which contains only 2% naturally occurring sugars. The main sweetener includes a natural, plant-based derivative with added nutrients to boost flavour.

Ohso raspberry 70% cocoa ‘no added sugar’: This irresistible berry bar is flavoured with completely natural, plant-based raspberry flavouring.

Ohso chocolate is available to buy from, Amazon and Ocado.

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