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Missing Basketball? Watch The BBL Via Their New Free Live Streaming Service

With the NBA offseason in full swing and the season not set to restart till later this month, 6 million basketball fans across the UK are looking for ways to get their basketball fix. But, in the UK things are just getting started, with the London Lions kicking off their BBL campaign and maiden European season. 

Now, fans can follow the Lions for free via the BBL Player, the new home of all the BBL action, as they take on the Plymouth Raiders in the first free live game this season.

© Carol Moir

The new platform allows fans to watch league games live and on-demand in what promises to be one of the most exciting seasons yet.  

This Friday, the London Lions will play the Plymouth Raiders at the Copper Box arena and although fans will be absent, the game will be covered live via Sky Sports for the first time in nearly a decade.

But for those without a subscription to the channel, will now be able to watch the game via the new BBL live stream, as the league attempts to make the game more accessible for basketball fans around the country. 

Friday’s matchup tips-off at 7:30pm and will be available to watch for free via the BBL Player. Games that are shown on Sky Sports will be available on BBL Player but with production by Keemotion.

Vince Macaulay, Head Coach of the London Lions:

“The new BBL platform is a great opportunity for fans to follow and support their favorite teams and get their basketball fix while the NBA offseason is underway.

Friday’s matchup against the Raider is sure to be a great one, and although we won’t have fans at the game, it’s great to know they are now able watch the team and support us nonetheless. 

“It is truly fantastic to see the league providing a platform for fans to watch the games for free. This is a welcomed sight for the league as it will provide more accessibility to the game and therefore help the sport grow.”


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