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Barrecore, BarrePRENATAL Classes At Its Wandsworth Studio

Celebrity trainer and founder of Barrecore, Niki Rein, has recently given birth to her first child, putting pre-natal classes firmly on the agenda for her 13-studio strong boutique barre business – the first of which will take place at the Wandsworth studio this month.

Exercising during pregnancy is widely recognised as being beneficial to both mother and baby. The effective and low-impact Barrecore Method aims to improve posture and maintain strength during pregnancy. Specifically designed for mums-to-be, classes are tailored to be safe to the baby during pregnancy, helping to prepare the body for labour and get back to your pre-pregnancy fitness faster.

“Having recently given birth to my first child, I found exercising throughout my pregnancy hugely beneficial for both mind and body,” says Niki. “Whilst it’s tempting to skip workouts in favour of relaxation, it’s so important to keep the body moving throughout pregnancy to reduce aches and pains and maintain strength for labour.

As your bump grows your centre of gravity changes affecting your sense of balance and increasing your risk of falls.  A pre-natal Barrecore class is a completely safe way for mums-to-be to continue to workout and prepare the body for birth, because you are either doing floor-based exercise or using the barre for support. My own experience made me realise how important it was to grow our pre-natal offering.”

Barrecore’s experienced instructors are able to adapt movements to the individual client to match their trimester and personal needs, helping to reduce pregnancy aches and pains and prepare the body for birth. With a maximum of 12 people per class, the group size allows for a more personalised barre experience.


  • Every second Saturday from 2nd March at 1-2pm

  • Price: Regular Barrecore pricing. Buy 3 classes for 2 if you’re new to Barrecore (save £28)

  • Location: Barrecore Wandsworth, 501A Old York Road, London, SW18 1TF

  • Book: In studio, call 020 8870 3521 or via email