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Sister Duo Changing the Way People Deal with Stress

By David Saunders, Health Editor | UPDATED: 08:28, 08 July 2020

ARDERE is revolutionising the candle industry by tackling the epidemic of stress with their 100% organic aromatherapy candles, created by female healthy living experts.

With stress being at an all-time high (approximately 12.5 million working days are lost in the UK each year due to stress), it’s no wonder that people are turning towards lighting a candle for some me-time. However, with so many candles on the market being made from paraffin wax, many candles are in fact a hindrance than a help to our wellbeing.

Paraffin wax is a known toxic ingredient. A 2009 university study discovered that paraffin wax candles release harmful chemicals (toluene and benzene) when burnt. Placing a physical stress on the body, paraffin has been implicated with many health concerns, whilst also having a negative impact on the environment (it is derived from non-renewable resources).

This is where ARDERE candles come in!

ARDERE (pronounced ‘ar-deh-ray’) is derived from the Latin ‘glow’. For Co-founders, sisters Nicole and Lauren Windas, ‘to glow’ is to radiate health and happiness. After co-founder Lauren was diagnosed with ME/CFS, the sisters discovered how much their lifestyle could influence their health and wellbeing. They began experimenting with essential oils and aromatherapy to boost their own health and combat stress.

They learned about the olfactory system and how scent works on the brain to boost mood.

After uncovering an area of scientific research that lends evidence to the mind and body connection (known as psychoneuroendoimmunology (PNEI)), the sisters learned how our mood (and therefore scent) can influence our overall health.

As a result Nicole and Lauren harnessed aromatic plant extracts (known as essential oils) that can work therapeutically to promote wellness and alter your state. Whether you need to feel relaxed, grounded, energised or uplifted, the candle collection has a scent to support everybody.

Naturopathically-inspired, the debut range is entitled ‘The Self-discovery Collection’, based on the concept that each person is unique; they can select according to what their mind and body need most to re-balance, using their own personal intuition.

ARDERE realised the need to escape the stresses of modern-day living, recognising that lighting a candle is an effortless ritual to de-stress. Inspired by their personal travel experiences, the co-founders believe that scent holds the power to whisk people away to the most idyllic of locations, so they fused this together with their aromatherapy expertise:


‘We combined the two, we really wanted to capture and bottle up those moments and memories that make you feel good. With our candles you can escape to your desired destination through the transportive abilities of scent; whether that’s the South of France, Morocco or the Maldives… your very own “happy place” awaits.’  – Nicole & Lauren x

What’s more, ARDERE is at the forefront of conscious living. Their ethical practises are what makes the company unique; they are cruelty-free, they use fully recyclable and sustainable materials and 100% organic natural wax. ARDERE are proud to be British born and bred; all candles are hand-poured here in England.

ARDERE is pioneering conscious living, scent therapy and luxury all in one in a bid to conquer stress.