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Amplify Life Launch The One-stop App For Total Fitness And Health


Last updated on January 25th, 2021 at 07:28 PM

Amplify Life believe there is a better way of living for all of us. With their expertise in your hands they claim they can transform your health and fitness for good – and by tapping into the best of tech amplify say they are revolutionising the health and fitness landscape of the future.


Using AI and your data uploaded from your devices, Amplify deliver tailored coaching across fitness, health, nutrition, wellbeing and sleep. By understanding your ‘why’ Amplify provide what you need to achieve all your goals through one single, intelligent and holistic app.

Your life… in your hands – #AMPLIFYYOURLIFE

Amplify challenge you to take action now and treat every step towards living better as a cause for celebration. This intelligent, and holistic end-to-end solution is completely FREE, and features include:

Coaching advice, training and nutrition plans direct from our experts, athletes and Olympians – Our Amplifiers provide 24/7 support and coaching.

Meaningful insights – With built-in intelligence, Amplify are aligned to your aspirations and goals.

Single data view – Data is aggregated from your tracking device, performance app and manual input and used to generate performance results.

Events – Access the largest database of UK sporting events; sign up, select your training plan and receive expert coaching to get you across the line.

Challenges – Stand-alone challenges enhance your training plan and test your performance.


Download the App for free and begin your journey to a better life today.