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Celebrity Hairdresser, Adee Phelan, Teams Up With Cosmetic Industry To Donate Over 100,000 Products To NHS

At the start of lockdown, when celebrity hairdresser,  Adee Phelan, (most famous for David Beckham’s mohawk cut), realised he had many high quality unopened products (shampoos, hairbrushes, body lotions), he took them down to his local hospital and donated to the heroic NHS care workers.

A seed had been planted as Adee saw the smiles this act of kindness spread across their faces. He thought about the excess of product that exists in the beauty industry and so the mission began.

Adee started typing email after email, all day, every day, sourcing donations from anyone he knew in the industry – wholesalers, product companies, barbers and hairdressers. In no time product was flooding through the doors of his London home. There was not an inch of floor space left in his living room.

It was important to Adee that the products were beautifully presented to the care workers, so he convinced the NHS to supply gift boxes.

Adee has spent the last six weeks in lockdown, single-handedly packing and sending out over 200 gift boxes per day to hospitals and care homes across London. In addition to volunteers making the deliveries,

Adee also takes part in this side of the operation as well, personally delivering packages to care workers.

Over 100,000 products have been send out from Adee’s home. He has just branched the mission out beyond London and has hit Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle and will continue, reaching other UK towns and cities.

Adee says “I’m sending out over 200 gift boxes a day as a thank you to help lift the spirits of each and every NHS care worker.

Whether you’re a business with cosmetics to donate or an individual who has unopened toiletries and wants to give to a great cause, please contact me adee@sknhead.com/ Instagram @adee_phelan5″


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