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7 Fitness Trends We’d Really Like To Die In 2021

There are exercise trends we love, and some we loathe.

From clingy activewear to annoying technology, here are a few unbearable fads we’re really hoping disappear from the fitness scene in 2021…

1. Smug yogis in the park

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Let’s face it, there’s nothing more annoying than seeing holier-than-thou yogis contorting themselves into impressive pretzel shapes when you’re on your morning walk. We’re all for getting outdoors, but it always makes us feel guilty we can barely manage tree pose.

2. Bum-sculpting leggings

When did gym gear get so slinky? As fans of baggy running shorts and oversized t-shirts, we just can’t get on board with the new breed of activewear that clings to your body, flaunting every nook and cranny.

3. Changing at home

Ford Workout GIF by Now Apocalypse - Find & Share on GIPHY

Pandemic restrictions have meant for many of us that we have to get into our kit before hitting the gym (when gyms are actually open). And we can’t shower and change immediately after our session – meaning heading home covered in a fresh layer of sweat.

Plus, stripping down to your cossie at the side of the pool is a right faff – you can never do it gracefully.

4. Wearable tech with rubbish battery life

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We’re pretty sure we spend half our lives waiting for our fitness watch to charge, or stressing over a precariously low battery situation during a workout. If the bods at Silicon Valley could focus on making a wearable that only needs charging once a month, we’d be happy gym bunnies.

5. Hardcore HIIT

Interval training sheds fat, burns a ridiculous amount of calories and gets you into incredible shape. That’s all good – but there’s only so many rounds of all-out burpees we can do before we slam our laptop shut and call it a day.

6. Virtual challenges

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This year, lots of major running, cycling and walking events were put on pause and organisers set up ‘virtual’ versions instead. While it’s great your marathon training didn’t go down the drain, doing endless laps of your local park can’t quite match up to the usual race day atmosphere.

Also, receiving your finisher medal in the post with your council tax bill and Nectar card statement is a bit of an anticlimax.

7. Working out in your living room

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One day in the not too distant future (we hope) going to the gym won’t involve Covid worries and restrictions. We’ll be able to entirely ditch the home workout and actually have enough room to do a full plank. That’s our top workout wish for 2021…