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J.Lindeberg Tees Up Sustainability and Style for the PGA Championship

viktor hovland pga tour collection

Louisville, Kentucky – The Valhalla Golf Club is about to witness a collision of excellence, elegance, and eco-consciousness as J.Lindeberg unveils its Limited-Edition PGA Championship Collection.

In the illustrious aura of the 106th PGA Championship, set to unfold from May 13 to May 19, 2024, J.Lindeberg’s bespoke lineup is poised to steal the sartorial spotlight.

Picture this: a tapestry of blue and white, interwoven with the audacious charm of animal leopard print. That’s the canvas upon which J.Lindeberg’s artisans have painted their masterpiece, encapsulating the very essence of golf’s grandeur.

But it’s not just about aesthetics; it’s a commitment to sustainability that truly sets this collection apart.

J.Lindeberg takes pride in its conscientious approach, utilizing fabrics certified by bluesign® or OEKOTEX®, thereby ensuring a harmonious blend of environmental responsibility and uncompromised quality.

Neil Lewty, the maestro behind the design symphony, beckons both seasoned professionals and ardent enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the fusion of tradition and modernity.

“This collection,” Lewty insists, “is a testament to our reverence for the game and our planet.”

And for those eager to adorn themselves in this blend of sophistication and sustainability, the wait is almost over.

The exclusive capsule collection will be unveiled on the very grounds where golf’s titans shall clash, available exclusively at selected J.Lindeberg boutiques and online starting May 13th.

So, as the PGA Championship unfurls its drama on the lush greens of Valhalla, prepare to witness a union of style, substance, and stewardship, courtesy of J.Lindeberg.

It’s not just fashion; it’s a statement – a statement that resonates with the soul of the game and the spirit of the earth.