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Ian Wright and Ezra Collective’s Powerful Message on Redefining Masculinity with Gillette!”

Gillette, Ian Wright, and Ezra Collective have teamed up with Football Beyond Borders (FBB) in a powerful new initiative celebrating Role Models.

The collaboration, culminating in the premiere of the film “What Makes a Man: The Reunion” on Thursday, May 16, aims to inspire the next generation to embrace positive expressions of masculinity.

This partnership marks a significant milestone in Gillette and FBB’s five-year journey together, which has brought educational programs to 51 schools across the UK.

The film follows a group of young men who participated in FBB’s “What Makes a Man” module, reflecting on their journey over the past five years.

This module has empowered them to navigate manhood with courage and resilience. The premiere event was attended by Gillette ambassador Ian Wright, who highlighted the importance of role models and his collaboration with Gillette to support Gamechanger classroom modules.

These modules address racism and provide education on British Black history, filling gaps in current curriculums.

Speaking at the film premiere, Wright said: “I’m so proud that FBB and Gillette are teaching young people about black history, something that’s always been missing from education.

What I saw tonight was young people becoming adults who don’t just accept things as they’ve always been and it’s really humbling and exciting.”

Ian Wright expressed his pride in FBB and Gillette for their commitment to teaching young people about black history, which has historically been overlooked.

He emphasized the impact of these initiatives in empowering young adults to challenge the status quo and create positive change in their communities.